PVE City Hall Wall of Shame

Palos Verdes Estates City Hall Wall of Shame

PVE Employees Shockingly-High Compensation (click hyperlink)

All Councilpersons Who Hired
Tony Dahlerbruch Terminated from PVE Government Positions
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(March 7, 2017)

Councilpersons Engage in Outright Fraud by Ordering the LASD $3.4 million proposal remain hidden from PVE voters (April 25, 2017)

Kepley Jeff Phases PVECC 04-25-2017


Kao Kenny Lawn Sign Cropped 02-2017The Coalition ENDORSED Kenny Kao for Council
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Dahlerbruch/Repp-Loadsman-Hogin: All three PVE officials, who take well over a half a million dollars out of PVE into their compensated pockets, publicly supported the illegal or invalid sale of PVE Parkland to a private citizen. Dahlerbuch in merely his first year both approved of PVEPD misconduct as being done in "good faith" and approved Repp Loadsman's predecessor Allan Rigg to fraudulently mislabel a PVE property line after Mike Ross negligently approved a plan modification

Dahlerbruch/Repp-Loadsman/Hogin an alliance formed to ensure their own interests get served, irrespective of ethical or legal violations that are required to do so.

Sandy Davidson (PVE Council Candidate):   “… City Council is putting their needs before yours …” (click here)

Corruption of Tony Dahlerbruch, Christi Hogin & George Bird (click hyperlink)

Tony Dahlerbruch - a shifty, corrupt politician not to be trusted to respect law or codes of honor

Tony Dahlerbruch – a shifty, corrupt politician not to be trusted to respect law or codes of honor

Palos Verdes Estates municipal government has been hijacked politically by Tony Dahlerbruch, Christi Hogin and Sheri Repp Loadsman.  Our city, in which none of them actually resides, has become a science fair laboratory for them to implement anti-resident, proletarian biases and non-adherence to state and PVE laws/ordinances.  What makes this most appalling is that this damage is being inflicted upon the precisely wrong subjects:  people who moved to and live here in no small part for PVE’s longstanding (pre-Dahlerbruch) conservative community where laws were obeyed or otherwise enforced with consequence.  The fact that this conflict persists between Dahlerbruch and PVE taxpayers paying his $250,000+/year compensation indicates an enormous chasm in the condoning PVE City Council’s ability to comprehend or care.

Tony Dahlerbruch: Grand Master of  telling Half Truths & only Half the True Story

Tony Dahlerbruch: Grand Master of  telling Half Truths & only Half the True Story

RECENT NEWSAdventures at the DUI Checkpoint with Katie Dahlerbruch (click hyperlink or here)

Charter Inductee onto Wall of Shame:
Anton “Tony” Dahlerbruch

Judge Rules Ultra Vires/Illegal Dahlerbruch City Govt 2-Year Crusade vs. Residents  (click hyperlink) TonyD-Must-Go-Mobile Malaga Cove Closeup - Annotated This entire website, savepvefromtonyd.com, is driven by the desire to replace PVE’s chief public servant from duty.  In just one example of one PVE resident, Tony Dahlerbruch both a) labeled patent PVEPD officer misconduct as done in “good faith” and b) guided an underling to mislabel a property line in order to free the City of proper liability from now-terminated Building Officer Mike Ross’s negligence and/or malfeasance.  The horror stories being told in PVE about Tony Dahlerbruch continue to mount, while the City Council pliantly does his bidding.  In order to learn more about the corruption of Tony Dahlerbruch, please click at the top of this page to arrive at the site’s home page.

Tony Dahlerbruch Deposed in Bay Boys Lawsuit 11/2016 (details to follow)


Christi Hogin: running a circuit of hand chosen city administrators around the South Bay to ensure that her overpaid law firm doesn't get fired?

Christi Hogin: pulling the strings of a circuit of hand chosen city administrators around the South Bay to ensure that her overpaid law firm doesn’t get fired?

Charter Inductee onto Wall of Shame: Christi Hogin

Molly Hogin:  recommended reading –  the CA Superior Court Judge’s ruling on your mother’s adverse behavior against residents of PVE

Hogin’s Brutal Termination in Malibu Debated (Malibu Times)

Christi Hogin Forced Into Resignation in Malibu (Malibu Times, 06/17/1999)

The Coalition urges site readers to check around themselves and determine if they agree with our theory of how political puppeteer Christi Hogin engages in the sucker-the-city-council one-two punch of 1) Hogin apparently steering various cities’ executive search processes by greasing the skids for her preferred puppet candidate while simultaneously introducing “straw candidates” with no real chance — but who make the selection process appear more robust, thorough and honest, followed by 2) Hogin’s anointed/selected new officials therefore owing their ~ $250,000+/year jobs in no small part to her special political lubricant, and thus knowing they better defend her big money contract to the ends of Earth.  This is precisely how it has been reported to the Coalition that Tony Dahlerbruch, who by no coincidence had worked with Hogin’s husband in the latter’s capacity as outsourced City Attorney for Rolling Hills, got into his rich gig in PVE. Hogin Using Mobile Phone City Council Meeting 03-08-2016 - Cropped & AnnotatedPalos Verdes Estates, essentially run into a legal wall by Christi Hogin, in 2014 was found by California Superior Court Judge Meiers to be “aiding and abetting” illegal or invalid (ultra vires) acts, with Dahlerbruch persisting for years in spending a small fortune of our tax dollars to defend these improprieties.   Moreover, this misconduct was supported publicly and loudly by former PVE Mayor George “Big” Bird (click hyperlink and also this link‘s court filing Page 5), whose involvement in PVE politics fortunately has been terminated (but not before he played a major role in getting the City into this mess).

Judge Rules Ultra Vires/Illegal or Invalid  Dahlerbruch City Govt 2-Year Crusade vs. Residents  (click hyperlink)

Judge Meiers clearly was disgusted by Dahlerbruch, Hogin and George Bird’s illegal or invalid acts and related litigation, stating, “The court is inclined to include this [injunction against the City] because this is now the second lawsuit involving exactly the same issues … at great cost to the courts and property owners and others giving rise to a situation where the need for such litigation ought to be or must be brought to an end.  No one should again have to litigate to establish the binding and significant nature of the deed restrictions in the Palos Verdes development.” Christi Hogin Articles in Malibu Times (Compilation) Anyone reading through the multitude of Hogin’s court filings and responses thereto should conclude that Dahlerbruch/the City seem repeatedly to have made provably untrue statements (aka “lies”) to the judge, who saw them for precisely that.  Essentially, Tony Dahlerbruch/Christi Hogin/the City made this long time PVE homeowner living across from the parkland spend three years, countless hours, and a small fortune to fight a group of City officials who apparently KNEW they had engaged in illegal or invalid acts, but hoped to get away with it.  This is the very definition of “corruption.”

Hogin Terminated  After Only Four Months as Whittier City Attorney (click here)


Sheri Repp Loadsman: it must be hard to look a PVE Planning Commissioner (or a PVE resident victim of nearly a decade of PVEMC violations) in the eye when you are lying directly to his face

Sheri Repp Loadsman: it must be hard to look a PVE Planning Commissioner (or a PVE resident victim of nearly a decade of PVEMC violations) in the eye when you are lying directly to his face

Charter Inductee onto Wall of Shame: Sheri Repp-Loadsman

Sheri Repp-Loadsman has been inducted onto the PVE City Hall Wall of Shame as of January 2016 after over a year of cementing her notoriety of unrepentant dishonesty, instinctive duplicity, and a proclivity for shirking her responsibility to enforce the PVE Municipal Code.  Repp-Loadsman was forced to leave her job in the City of Carson when she learned she was on a list of high-level staff that a senior city official wanted removed.  If you have the misfortune of having to deal with Sheri Repp Loadsman, you may notice immediately how she speaks patronizingly and condescendingly to the very PVE taxpayers whose taxes line her pocket with her excessive compensation.  As seen in March 2016 when she tried to deceive the PVEPC into recommending a horrifically anti-PVE resident short term (Airbnb) ordinance, this is not a woman who sincerely has much respect for the uniquely peaceful bedroom community of our city.

Sheri Repp-Loadsman Forced Out of Job in Carson (click here)

As is well known in the psychological field, pathological liars often struggle to keep their story straight.  I encourage site viewers to examine the explicitly contradictory public statements made byLoadsman Sheri Looking Down PVEPC 03-15-2016 - AnnotatedSheri Repp Loadsman on March 15, 2016, directly to the PVE Planning Commission and to the apparent horror of PVE resident taxpayers watching in awe from the audience (click here for video feed):

Sheri Repp Loadsman Deceit & Duplicity re Fact that the Ordinance She Constructed & Proposed is Impossible to Enforce:
Sheri Repp Loadsman Deceiving:  “I’m very concerned and very consistent in trying to make sure that regulations that we propose to you are ones that we can in fact enforce, and I think we can enforce this ordinance.” (17:20)
Sheri Repp Loadsman Admitting Truth:   “This is something that is going to be very difficult to regulate; it’s almost done on an honor system.” (16:25)
Sheri Repp Loadsman Deceiving:  “It would be fairly simple to administer.” (20:30)
Sheri Repp Loadsman Admitting Truth:  “ I will remind the commission as well as the audience that taking enforcement actions is often very difficult. It is expensive.  It’s a matter of fact finding.” (17:00)
Sheri Repp Loadsman Admitting Truth:  “You have to be willing to enforce your ordinance. Otherwise there are more and more people who won’t abide by it.” (17:20) [Site Note:  Sheri Repp Loadsman and former  “Code Enforcement Officer” Elissa Hall (who fled from Tony D in April 2017 and now reports Sharon Guidry in the City of Santa Monica) earned a horrible reputation for an apparent unwillingness to enforce effectively existing PVEMC ordinances against illegal commercial activity in residentially zoned property 605 Paseo del Mar in Palos Verdes Estates, owned by notorious PVEMC law breaker Desire Kocarslan aka Melahat Uzumcu; see http://www.605paseodelmar.com]

RPV Bans Short Term Rentals (click here)

Sheri Repp Loadsman Outright Deceit re Existing Regulation of Short-term Rentals on Peninsula and Beach Cities:
PVEPC Commissioner : “Do we know what the other cities on the Peninsula and beach cities have done so far?” (18:42)
Sheri Repp Loadsman Deceiving:  “I am not aware that anyone has passed regulations yet … I’m not sure that Rolling Hills Estates has had much of an issue but I haven’t followed up with them recently.”  (18:47) Widely Reported Manhattan Beach Banning of Short-Term Rentals in 07/2015 (click here, here, and here)
PVEPC Commissioner Kenny Kao (click here) Publicly Impeaching Sheri Repp Loadsman Deceit: “We know that Manhattan Beach is a ‘no.’” (19:08)
Sheri Repp Loadsman Forced into Admitting Truth:  “Manhattan Beach is a no.  Quite a number of cities have said no.” (19:10)
PVE Resident Publicly Impeaching Sheri Repp Loadsman Deceit: “Adjacent Cities [regulation so far?] – called Rolling Hills – they banned it … Rolling Hills Estates – spoke with them – this is a commercial use expressly prohibited in their code … Hermosa Beach banned it in residential neighborhoods. Manhattan Beach banned it in residential neighborhoods … Redondo Beach is current issuing citations of $1,000.”   (23:00)
SRL Admitting Her Desire to Tax Further PVE Property Owners/Residents:  “Unfortunately that is correct. There are new rules in the State of California that we cannot create new taxes without the residents approving of them or the property owners approving of them.” (18:27)

Sheri Repp-Loadman Supports City Agreement for Illegal or Invalid Sale of Parkland (click here)

Corruption & Negligence of Tony Dahlerbruch (click hyperlink)


Jim Goodhart: Making sure that 99% of your property taxes gets squandered on Jeff Kepley's overstaffed and overpaid mod squad

Jim Goodhart: Making sure that 99% of your property taxes gets squandered on Jeff Kepley’s overstaffed and overpaid mod squad (that is correct:  see PVE Police Dept Wall of Shame)

Kao Kenny Banner Goodhart House 03-07-2017 - Annotated

Judgment Day: March 7, 2017, Jim Goodhart ousted as PVE City Councilman

Jim Goodhart - dangerous combination of idiocy and bad dental hygiene

Jim Goodhart – brutal combination of idiocy, shameless disloyalty to PVE & bad dental hygiene

Charter Inductee onto Wall of Shame: James “Jim” Goodhart

Supporter of illegal or invalid act(s) vs. Palos Verdes Estates residents?  While the amount of “material” available to support the contention that Jim Goodhart truly is a “garden variety idiot,” perhaps the May 9, 2016 LA Times article response he provided to its reporter regarding Tony Dahlerbruch being offered a beer while he was visiting the Bay Boys down in Lunada Bay will suffice: “The city’s municipal code prohibits alcohol consumption at public spaces, including Lunada Bay. ‘It doesn’t bother me if they are drinking beer there,’ Goodhart said. ‘I don’t know if it’s illegal or not on our coastline.'” Do you really need anymore evidence?  Click here for rest of the story.

Skirting the Truth Even After Humiliating Defeat: Even Jim Godhart's wife, in a pathetic and fallacious attempt to salvage her social status, refused in admit the entire truth of her husband's incompetence in PV News letter to editor

Skirting the Truth Even After Humiliating Defeat: Even Jim Godhart’s wife, in a pathetic and fallacious attempt to salvage her social status, refused in admit the entire truth of her husband’s incompetence in PV News letter to editor

Wall of Shame Nominees:

More Pending, including the following recommended for shameful deportment:

Jennifer King: though a freshman councilperson, in 2014 she distinguished her lack of judgment and loyalty to PVE residents by voting to waste more taxpayer money fighting against those same taxpayer open space interests

Jennifer King: though a freshman councilperson, in 2014 she distinguished her lack of judgment and loyalty to PVE residents by voting to waste more taxpayer money fighting against those same taxpayer open space interests in the Via Panorama parkland litigation.

Jennifer King:  arrogant, sanctimonious, and condescending; alleged discrimination against selective resident(s)

If only being a faithful public servant was just about being a administrator robotically dictating city council meetings, Jennifer King would be an ideal PVE councilperson.  Alas, that is not the case in the real world, wherein abiding by her fiduciary duties of loyalty and due care appear not to have occurred.  Instead, like other PVE councilpersons, Jennifer King seemingly abdicated her duty of due care – to thoroughly understand the true legal issues and structures surrounding Christi Hogin’s constructed and illegal or invalid Via Panorama/Lugliani Parkland sale, unreasonably and lazily relying on puppetmaster Christi Hogin’s flawed, corrupt guidance.  We recommend you watch any of her performances on the City Council dais to confirm the condescending, arrogant manner in which she treats Sandy Davidson and others in the room.  Many with whom we speak believe she was a major cause of the City’s failure to pass the Parcel Tax in March 2017 – people simply do not like her.

Jennifer King Thinks PVE Residents Want to Tour Trash Facilities (PV News, 03/2016)


This grinning fool approved the appeal of the illegal or invalid sale of public parkland to a private party. It is sad that she didn't exhibit loyalty to the residents instead of Christi Hogin.

This grinning fool approved the appeal of the illegal or invalid sale of public parkland to a private party. It is sad that she didn’t exhibit loyalty to the residents instead of Christi Hogin.

Betty Lin Peterson (Mayor Pro-tem):  alleged discrimination against selective resident(s)

You can see this fool’s simple grinning face inside random shopping carts at Vons grocery store (some like to lean their toilet paper up against it).  Yeah, that’s just what PVE needs as a city councilperson – a reliably pliable (by Hogin) residential real estate agent who is married to a mortgage broker (John Wayne Peterson).  This is not high intellect and sound judgment being added to our city’s governance, but that is why Tony Dahlerbruch and Christi Hogin must love having her around.  It is recommended that anyone seeking to view Peterson’s true idiocy simply watch online any of her speaking parts at a PVE City Council hearing.  It borders on comical.

UPDATE 10/2016:  Lin Peterson betrayed all of the PVE motorists she purports to represent  by allying herself with an organized gang of bikers who desire domination of various PVE roadways.  Peterson exposed herself for the fool that she appears to be by wavering between asinine pretexts for supporting the gang by erecting a sign that dangerously would mislead PVE residents into illegally yielding lanes to the biker gang.  Such excuses she attempted to foist on the entirety of other councilpersons voting against her included that signs would “spark conversation” on road safety, ignoring the fact that dozens of hours of conversation and 100s of E-mail conversations debating the subject had preceded her lonely vote for the bikers.


John Rea - another retiree with too much time on his hands but too little loyalty to PVE residents on his mind

John Rea – another PVE retiree with not just too much time on his hands but too little loyalty to PVE residents on his mind.  Why, John, could you not see through Christi Hogin’s hocus pocus?

John Rea (City Council):  alleged discrimination against selective resident(s)

In the land of the blind, one-eyed man is King of the PVE City Council.  Only because his peers lack any semblance of perspicacity, John Rea is the only councilperson in whom the City’s residents have a ray of hope (pun intended).   The problem with Rea, though, relates precisely to the apparently vapid minds of those who sit upon the dais next to him.  Indeed, John Rea may be merely half as smart as he finds himself to be, seeming to get the City in trouble as Rea’s intellect doesn’t seem designed to perform at high speed at times when called upon to do so.  Perhaps when he was 20 or 30 years younger this man was sharp enough to recognize and thwart Christi Hogin and Tony Dahlerbruch’s sinister conspiracies, but we here in PVE are decades too late for that kind of check or balance.

UPDATE 10/2016:  Rea proved again why he remains the only vestigial PVE Council hope for residents to have sagacious analysis drive decision making.  Rea singularly understood that the “law of unintended consequences” would prove the sign demanded by the organized biker gang to REDUCE road safety rather than improve it.  He astutely foresaw misinformed motorists being tricked into believing they had to yield PVE lanes to cyclists irrespective of the law’s exclusionary forbiddance against that dangerous scenario.  Rea further could see the already too-common scenario wherein such motorists swerve around cyclists (who illegally are using the lane away from the right-curb) into the oncoming, opposing traffic, causing catastrophic results.  Given that this dangerous situation already occurs commonly in PVE, it is distressing that only Rea understood this to be the true outcome of these poorly conceived signs.


James Vandever: perhaps not the sharpest tool in the PVE City Council's shed, this former PVEPC member (married to yet another real estate agent) somehow got approval to build the most neighborhood incompatible house in PVE history; gee, I wonder how he got that through the PVEPC?

James Vandever: perhaps not the sharpest tool in the PVE City Council’s shed, this former PVEPC member (married to yet another real estate agent, Kim Hall) “somehow” got approval to build the most neighborhood incompatible house on Paseo del Mar in PVE history; gee, I wonder how he got that through the PVEPC?  Hmmmmmmm.

PVE 4th of July Hillary Mayor Vandever 07-04-2017 - Cropped & Annotated

James Vandever (Mayor):  alleged discrimination against selective resident(s)

You can see this charlatan’s double-wide “shed” that he built on Paseo del Mar.  It’s easy to find – just look for a piece of land about to fall into the ocean on which sits a cheaply built “house” that isn’t compatible with anyone else’s in the neighborhood.

UPDATE 10/2016:  Though arrogant and consequently uninformed Jennifer King seems to be disgusted by Vandever’s relatively slow deliberations, Vandever stepped up to the plate repeatedly insisting on an improved plan for PVEPD enforcement of the CVC vis-à-vis illegal cycling.  With non or selective PVEMC, CVC and CPC  enforcement being PVE’s singularly worst problem (see Via Panorma and Bay Boys litigation), Vandever made much progress with PVE residents by standing his ground on this issue.

Ellisa Hall (Code Enforcement):  refusal to enforce code effectively via citation, or otherwise (a beneficiary of the Dahlerbruch house cleaning)

Olsen Rob PVE CC Meeting 10-10-2016 - Cropped & AnnotatedRob Olson (Transportation Manager):  breached his fiduciary duty of due care to PVE residents

by misleading and misinforming PVE City Manager, City Engineer, and City Council as to the spirit and intent of the California Vehicle Code (Section 21202(a) restricting side-by-side social cycling.  Olson obfuscated the FACT that in any of the prevalently safe, non-obstructed, standard-width or wider PVE lanes, it is illegal for any side-by-side social cyclist to ride to the left of another cyclist who him/herself is complying by riding as close as practicable to the right-hand curb/roadway edge.  Moreover, Olson exposed his corrupt bias toward the threatening biker gang by contradicting his own logic regarding bike related signs.  In a 07/06/2016 report that led to the foolish removal of signs that improved PVE road safety, Olson stated, “While [‘Bicycle Laws Strictly Enforced’] signs are technically correct, it is misleading in that the PVEPD enforces ALL traffic laws …”  Then confirming his bias in favor of bikers, in Olson’s 10/10/2016 report he argued in favor of Bikes May Use Full Lane (“BMUFL”) signs despite those being far more misleading.  While the PVEPD claims to strictly enforce bicycle laws in ALL circumstances, bikes may use the full lane only in a handful of non-prevalent scenarios.  That clear difference didn’t stop Olson from directing the removal of the biker enforcement signs while encouraging the erection of ones misleading PVE motorists/residents.  People have been asking if Olson received either kickbacks or threats of physical harm from the Big Orange biker gang.  Any information on this matter would be appreciated.

Ken Rukavina (City Engineer):  breached his fiduciary duty of due care to PVE residents

Ken Rukavina: In 2016, he refused to honor his duty of due care to become informed as to the background of an investigation into rampant crime being committed by an organized biker gang that sought to dominate PVE roads

by refusing to honor his duty of due care to become informed as to the background of an investigation into rampant crime being committed by an organized biker gang fighting belligerently to dominate PVE roads.   When presented with data and evidence from both sides of the conflict, Rukavina shockingly determined to consider apparently nearly all of the law breaking bikers’ input, but explicitly informed the provider of information proving the PVE resident motorists’ case that he didn’t “have time” to look at, much less evaluate, that information being offered to him.  Thus, the report delivered by him and his subordinate Rob Olson was replete with misleading (dis)information, which was celebrated openly by the criminal biker gang that he engaged repeatedly.

Recommendations for nominees are encouraged.  Anyone with relevant information regarding any Wall of Shame inductee or nominee is encouraged to E-mail ankur@savepvefromtonyd.com.

CORRUPTIONdef. – An act done with an intent to give some advantage inconsistent with official duty and the rights of others PVE Police Department Wall of Shame (click hyperlink)

NEGLIGENCE:  def. – Conduct that falls below the standards of behavior established by law for the protection of others against unreasonable risk of harm. A person has acted negligently if he or she has departed from the conduct expected of a reasonably prudent person acting under similar circumstances

ULTRA VIRES:  def. – a Latin phrase meaning “beyond the powers”.  If an act requires legal authority and it is done with such authority, it is characterised in law as intra vires (“within the powers”). If it is done without such authority, it is ultra vires. Acts that are intra vires may equivalently be termed “valid” and those that are ultra vires “invalid”.

NOTE FROM SITE TO WALL OF SHAME NOMINEES & INDUCTEES:   All those listed on this page are encouraged to contact the site immediately if he/she would like to provide a signed, notarized affidavit exclusively disputing accusations made against him/her.  Such affidavit then may be made available on this site, allowing the public to consider “his/her side” of the story.

This web page and related posts and commentary represent both facts and opinions of the Coalition to Save PVE from Tony Dahlerbruch about Dahlerbruch himself, Christi Hogin, Sheri Repp Loadsman,  Ellisa Hall, Ken Rukavina, Rob Olson and the PVE City Council as public figures, as well as related parties, as protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  Posted comments made by third parties represent their own representations of facts and own opinions.

32 thoughts on “PVE City Hall Wall of Shame

  1. I don’t think Sheri Repp Loadsman has been able to find a job since her job terminated in PVE. I kinda feel sorry for her. But then I remember how corrupt and condescending she was for the brief time PVE had her working. Plus, everyone knows she wasn’t good at her job.

  2. Sheri Repp Loadsman, what a load of crap comes out of her mouth whenever sounds are emitted. The ratio of her words-to-action may be Guiness Book of Records winner. The only reason I don’t want to get rid of Tony D is my fear that the morons on City Council make Sheri Repp the city manager. Then nothing intelligent will get done from that old hag.

  3. This very controversial woman named Jennifer Laity keeps coming up in conversations around PVE. I hear she ran for some office in the city and lost, and that she has really been up to no good. Someone I know called her a “f’n peasant”, but I don’t know what that means. There was something written about her husband having problems with his business (Wilshire something or another), but I can’t find any information on this company to confirm it. Why is she called a peasant?

  4. I just got an earful about why PVE is going into the toilet from a neighbor of mine. She explained how it all happened. According to her, the problem is this woman named Jennifer King. Yeah, another lawyer on the City Council has gotten us screwed again. Shocker, I know. Anyway, she tells me how this lady is the most arrogant person she’s ever seen in her life. I watched a bit of a recent meeting where King was speaking, and it’s actually a bit unreal. She literally looks down on people around her, and she interrupts the Mayor like it’s nobody’s business. What a b*#(h!

  5. Does anyone out there not realize how corrupt is PVE????

    1) City Government led by City Manager Judy Smith, Police Chief John Eberhard, and his officers Aaron Belda and Steve Barber conspired to put their own resident in jail for Robbery for accepting a cell phone offered from an INTRUDER at resident’s own home!
    2) City’s past Mayor George Bird had a ‘day job’ representing child molesters and criminals that allegedly may have committed crimes against the City’s residents and who were concurrently being prosecuted by the City.
    3) City acts completely “ABOVE THE LAW” and ignores or refuses to enforce its own City laws when the City Council doesn’t like them.
    4) City sells City Parklands to a resident in complete disregard for its own deed restrictions.
    5) City’s committees completely ignore the written instructions provided by the City Council and City Committee Chair has absolute conflict of interest between his ‘day job’ and his Committee Chairmanship.
    6) City authorized the destruction of millions of dollars in city property at the cost of a million dollars or more without any input from the residents.

  6. I heard from my neighbor in Whittier that Palos Verdes had the misfortune of hiring Ken Rukavina. Oh boy. Are they in for a helluva ride. He was viewed by many as totally incompetent here and there was a faction working feverishly to dump him. Who vetted him? They should be fired.

  7. Got lied to by Sheri Repp Loathedwoman this week, and pretty badly. There can’t be a worse person even including Tony D in that building. What a dirty old hag.

  8. You should have seen these morons running the City Council last night being batted around by a bunch of cyclists. Pretty sad sight when people who don’t even live and pay taxes here can compel bad municipal policy.

    1. Michael Barraclough, outside of [supposedly] being a failed portfolio manager who now has to beg for consulting gigs, is a very bad excuse for a snake oil salesman. Even worse than his “save the children” pretense for his crusade to illegally claim the right to social cycle side by side is his trotting out his seemingly [challenged] daughter as a prop for the city council meeting. I mean I can’t confirm that she is [challenged] but it kinda seemed like she was [removed] handicapped when she spoke, and that made me feel really bad for her.

      1. The bad news for that B-movie extra level actor Barraclough is that on top of it being obvious that his TRUE motive was the continuation of breaking cycling laws for his Big Orange cycling group and NOT riding a bike to Subway with his daughter, but that his daughter outright said that she and her dad were talking earlier about “the flag of the black people” and that it should be “annihilated”. So if I got this all straight, she got her dad’s permission to go up to defend him against what she thought were accusations by PVE resident(s) of racism against him, but then conceded that father and daughter were talking about destroying the black people’s flag?!?!? Whoh, whoh, whoh!

  9. Why has Vandever planted in the Parklands ajacent to his home, using city land to extend his property and create screening so he doesn’t have to use his property for privacy? Why has he been allowed to plant and water in the parkland? The city is aware of this issue, why haven’t they made him remove the planting and return the land to its pre construction condition? Can we all leave debris in the parkland? More parkland handed to select residents of our city, when will this stop?

    1. Why has Dumbo Jimbo Vandever – I mean really he is so bloody stupid – planted in the parkland, completely against the ordinances? Because he is a corrupt piece of garbage who bought the shittiest piece of land on Paseo del Mar. This parcel is so narrow he barely could fit his mobile home onto it. This parcel is so porous that the prior owner’s swimming pool fell into the ocean after the land below it eroded. Have you seen the shoddy construction of his completely incompatible wannabe Cape Code shanty? People seem to be making sure their dogs unload a day’s worth of digested Chuck Wagon on his lawn.

  10. Our corrupt city tries to shut me up, the messenger, when they don’t like the message. I have been fighting the self serving council member Vandever since last April. Now that I have exposed his and his neighbor’s violations, they are trying to change the laws under the guise of public hearing. Technically, Vandever is resetting the laws of our city with the help of his gatekeeper Tony & his frat brother Rea on the city council. This has to stop. There’s something called conflict of interest.

    1. Indeed. Watch Sheri Repp Loadsman’s proclivity for NOT answering “Yes/No” questions directly, instead offering the Council circuitous and torturous jibber jabber in a weak attempt to hide the high odds that she has NO idea of what she is talking. It is embarrassing how unprepared she enters City Hall and how uninformed she forces the Council to leave it.

  11. I can’t stand calling City Hall and having to deal with this Sheri Repp Loadsman. What a façade of a real woman professional. She acts like she knows it all, but then it becomes real clear she’s winging it all over the place. What has happened to this city of ours?

  12. Just click on this article to read what Jennifer “Skeletor” King said to the press:


    “Despite the news media’s characterization,” she added, “we do not tolerate unlawful activity and our Police Department is dedicated to and focused on protecting and preserving public safety. … Our city administration is focused on ensuring our residents and local businesses — as well as visitors — are treated fairly and equitably, and that our open areas remain attractive and available for public use.”

    Is she stupid/uninformed, or just the biggest liar to walk through City Hall since Sheri Repp Loadsman?

  13. Goodhart personally told me they were not selling parkland and he thinks air-B-and-B is the same issue as the person on Paseo who is renting out their home as a wedding mill! Unbelievable!

    He also has no opinion of anything – ‘I don’t know I’ll ask the City Manager.’ ‘I don’t know I’ll ask the City Attorney.’

    We need a person with a brain! I have no problem with persons that disagree with me – based on their understanding of the facts. I have a huge problem with persons that refuse to THINK!

  14. All you have to know about how detached from the reality of PVE’s exclusive/protected culture (vs. her liberal “let’s give away our city’s peace and tranquility to everyone else” attitude) is that she tried to get a PRO Airbnb law passed in our City. Only someone really stupid or trying to give a gift of our property tax financed oasis to those outside PVE who are not paying those taxes would do this.

    Here it is straight from the horse’s mouth: “When we first started with the workshop there was a more open-minded perspective that the homesharing and the short-term rentals may be OK, and slowly through the discussions we’ve narrowed that to a point where now we don’t think they’re in the city’s best interest,” Repp-Loadsman said

    “Open-minded”???? That is how she depicts supporting what has been banned prudently by nearly every other surrounding city (Manhattan Beach, both Rolling Hills’s, etc)? So I suppose that means the masses who opposed allowing S/T rentals are what, “closed minded”?


  15. If you could have seen Sheri when she was in Carson and now see her photos from a PVE meeting you would say out loud “Holy cow! Someone’s not aging so well over in PVE!!” Maybe the air is better down here in Carson?

  16. The ROBE group who tried to change the results of the last city election for the Homes Association would be a good group to join forces with. Maybe if we can get the present city council members to resigns we can have a new election before 2017. PVE residents are beginning to wake up to what’s going on. Keep up the pressure!

  17. Imagine if that one PVE Planning Commissioner or the resident being injured on Via Margarita had not notified the entire room that Sheri Repp Loadsman was lying about the other peninsula and beach cities banning short term rentals. Why would PVE committees and council even allow that prevaricator to keep her job if they can’t trust her to tell even THEM the truth? Carson got very lucky when she high tailed out of there.

  18. Serious gratitude and credit goes to the PVE Planning Commission (http://www.pvestates.org/index.aspx?page=238), who to the person saw right through Sheri Repp “Loads of B.S.” Loadsman’s reckless lying to them. What did she think? That these guys were total idiots who hadn’t even heard of Mahattan Beach’s passing a ban on short term rentals EIGHT MONTHS AGO?

    So, here’s a shout out to some guys who were on their game and stopped Sheri Repp Loadsman in her evil tracks:

    Michael Thomas, David Evans, Wade Welch, and Kenneth Kao – BRAVO gentlemen.

  19. I had an associate in attendance at last night’s PVE Planning Commission hearing on the supposedly “anti” short-term, AirBnb rental ordinance under discussion. He came away with one conclusion worth sharing – Sheri Repp Loadsman is doing nothing but working to hurt the very PVE property taxpayers who fill her pockets with a tremendous amount of salaried money. According to my guy, Sheri Repp Loadsman was defending her preposterously unenforceable “restriction” on short term rentals, even though anyone with common sense realizes it will be abused as a counterproductive safe harbor by law breakers who point to this new law as being utilized vs. the legacy anti-event and commercial use laws that the city has refused to enforce for years.

    Sheri Repp Loadsman’s arrogant abuse of PVE residents, whether it be hanging up on one when asked a question Repp Loadsman didn’t want to answer, or ignoring written inquiries to her, or lying about the status of pending enforcement action, should come to an end. It won’t, though, because she’s “in bed” (figuratively) with Tony Dahlerbruch, who is an even bigger piece of corruption than is she.

    1. Thanks for the info. My husband and I won’t deal with Load-of-s— on any City issues anymore. She has shown herself to be officious, duplicitous, dishonest and anti-citizen in her dealings with us.

  20. I met John Rea of PVE City Council last week. What an arrogant fool! Amazing how little he knew about anything compared to how much opinion he had on those same subjects. Poor PVE. I pity us all.

    1. John ‘the fool on the hill’ rea wasn’t even elected so his incompetency cannot even be laid back of the “newlywed or nearly dead’ electorate, And to think of the great candidates they had to choose from during the selection process …..

  21. I’ve had enough of these two, along with Christi Hogin. Local city corruption in PVE under this threesome has reached a new low. Forget Carson, which drove out Sheri Repp Loadsman already. This is worse!

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