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Save PVE from Tony Dahlerbruch

Palos Verdes Estates Fires City Manager Anton Dahlerbruch
(April 2019; click here


(> Triple per resident of RPV City Mgr.
Start Date:   Immediate

apply via sending resume and cover letter to ankur@savepvefromtonyd.com)

City Councilpersons Jennifer King & Betty Lin Peterson Voted out of Office; Anton Dahlerbruch’s Firing now Inevitable
(March 2019)

Dep. City Manager Sheri Repp Loadsman Position Terminated (2018)
Loadsman Sheri Looking Down PVEPC 03-15-2016 - Annotated Terminated


PVE Employees Shockingly-High Compensation (click hyperlink)

PVE Government/Jeff Kepley Sued by Bay Boys Victims for Penal Code Non-Enforcement
(2016; click here)

Protests Erupt as Code Non-Enforcement Reaches Boiling Point (2016; click here)

PVE Government Loses Lawsuit Over Parkland Deed Non-Enforcement
(2015; click here)

RECENT NEWSAdventures at the DUI Checkpoint with Katie Dahlerbruch (click hyperlink or here) †

Dahlerbruch Katie & MED PVE AAD Welcome Party 07-11-2013 - Cropped & Annotated

PVE City Hall Wall of Shame (click hyperlink or here for post featuring Sheri Repp Loadsman, Christi Hogin, Jennifer King, Betty Lin Peterson, Jim Vandever, et. al.)

RECENT NEWS:  Dahlerbruch, City Council and Police Chief Kepley corruptly support rampant California State law breaking by bikers directly in front of City Hall/Police HQ (click here and here)

Corruption of Anton Dahlerbruch, Christi Hogin & George Bird (click hyperlink)

Palos Verdes Estates municipal government has been hijacked by Tony Dahlerbruch, Christi Hogin and Sheri Repp Loadsman.  Our city, in which none of them actually resides, has become a science fair laboratory for them to implement anti-resident, proletarian biases and non-adherence to state and PVE laws/ordinances.  What makes this most appalling is that this damage is being inflicted upon the precisely wrong subjects:  people who moved to and live here in no small part for PVE’s longstanding (pre-Dahlerbruch) conservative community where laws were obeyed or otherwise enforced with consequence.  The fact that this conflict persists between Dahlerbruch and PVE taxpayers paying his $250,000+/year compensation indicates an enormous chasm in the condoning PVE City Council’s ability to comprehend or care.

The PVE City Council is empowered with the duty of hiring managers to protect all city residents indiscriminately, and to manage the affairs and scarce assets of the community and its constituency.  Fortunately for Palos Verdes Estates, we finally, after so many years, are rid of the five people disgraced PVE by hiring  Tony Dahlerbruch:  George “Child Molester Defender” Bird, Ellen Perkins, Rosemary Humphrey, Jim Goodhart and John Rea.

Rare is it that one finds a city manager as unscrupulous as he is inept.  Is Tony Dahlerbruch one such character – you be the judge.  Please note a series of posts/blogs at the bottom or side panel of this home page, all for your review and commentary.  Comments are encouraged.

Introduction to Coalition  & Web Site (click hyperlink)

Meet the PVE City Council that Hired Tony Dahlerbruch (click hyperlink)

Local city government scandals involving corruption and negligence are a growing problem in Southern California.  In just our local area, the cities of Manhattan Beach, Carson, and Hawthorne all recently have suffered at the hands of city councils hiring the wrong city managers or mayors at a time when our cities need the strongest, most honest leaders we can find.

Judge Rules Ultra Vires (Illegal or Invalid) Dahlerbruch City Govt 2-Year Crusade vs. Residents  (click hyperlink)

Make no mistake about the fact that Anton Dahlerbruch influences any and all litigation involving PVE.  It is part of his job description both on the PVE website and in his contract.  Tony Dahlerbruch’s corrupt decision making and bad judgment has led to deeper litigation problems for Palos Verdes Estates, as seen vividly with the June 2015 ruling by a Superior Court Judge who was “astonished, to put it mildly” by Dahlerbruch/Hogin/Bird/PVHA’s illegal behavior.  Judge Meiers was so appalled by the 2-year crusade by Anton Dahlerbruch & Co. that she awarded the PV residents forced to sue the City their legal expenses, costing taxpayers for the debacle in total in excess of an estimated $300,000.00.

Listen to George Bird Commending Illegal  or Invalid Acts Against PVE Residents (turn volume all the way up):

When a good city manager (vs. a horrible one such as Dahlerbruch) is lucidly aware that the City/he has broken the law (such as allowing or agreeing to an act that violates a specific law, ordinance or deed), that manager rectifies the situation by reversing the improper PVE action, rather than digging the City into a deeper hole as has Tony Dahlerbruch.  Instead of Anton Dahlerbruch advising the use of scarce public taxpayer funds in ways that improve the beauty and safety of Palos Verdes Estates, those dollars are ending up in the pockets of his friend/the outsourced City Attorney Christi Hogin and related parties.  This is the same City Attorney Christi Hogin who, according to the publisher of the Malibu Times, for more than a year “was the subject at every council meeting to a barrage of furious assaults on her character, her ability and her integrity.”  With Tony Dahlerbruch being compensated > $250,000.00 per year, this is money that can’t go to waste.

Christi Hogin Forced Into Resignation in Malibu (click hyperlink)

This Coalition website offers any and all interested parties from Palos Verdes Estates the opportunity to provide information related to Tony Dahlerbruch, anonymously, to the Coalition.  That information, along with our growing dossier on Anton Dahlerbruch, shall be posted in due course.  To further this goal, we encourage you to forward this website to anyone who may have information of use regarding Tony Dahlerbruch.  The Coalition is grateful for the number of incoming reports sent anonymously (especially post Abbott) that have been arriving with increased frequency, and apologize if no reply has been sent yet; we will get to you.

Click to:  PVE Police Department Wall of Shame

Matrix Consulting Got Rid of Allan Rigg, Mike Ross and Stacey Kinsella? (click hyperlink)

TonyD-Must-Go-Mobile Malaga Cove - Annotated

With your help, Palos Verdes Estates can remove and replace Tony Dahlerbruch with a leader worthy of our trust.  Corruption and negligence by a city official cannot be ignored, especially by the Palos Verdes Estates City Council. To his discredit in only his first 3-4 years in office, Tony Dahlerbruch already has deepened PVE’s litigation expenses and liabilities related to the sale of parkland to a private homeowner.  We are hearing of more prospective litigation against the City being planned.  See attending post on this site “Corruption & Negligence of Tony Dahlerbruch” for more information now and updates later.

Tony Dahlerbruch Termination Reviewed by City Council? (click hyperlink)

PVE Employees Shockingly-High Compensation (click hyperlink)

Tony Dahlerbruch to be Fired? (click hyperlink)

Hawthorne Fires City Manager; Dahlerbruch Next? (click hyperlink)


CORRUPTIONdef. – An act done with an intent to give some advantage inconsistent with official duty and the rights of others

PVE Police Department Wall of Shame (click hyperlink)

NEGLIGENCE:  def. – Conduct that falls below the standards of behavior established by law for the protection of others against unreasonable risk of harm. A person has acted negligently if he or she has departed from the conduct expected of a reasonably prudent person acting under similar circumstances

ULTRA VIRES:  def. – a Latin phrase meaning “beyond the powers”.  If an act requires legal authority and it is done with such authority, it is characterised in law as intra vires (“within the powers”). If it is done without such authority, it is ultra vires. Acts that are intra vires may equivalently be termed “valid” and those that are ultra vires “invalid”.

NOTES FROM SITE TO DAHLERBRUCH et. al.:   All those listed on this page are encouraged to contact the site immediately if he/she would like to provide a signed, notarized affidavit exclusively disputing accusations made against him/her.  Such affidavit then may be made available on this site, allowing the public to consider “his/her side” of the story. 

In May 2016, a photograph (close-up of Katie Dahlerbruch apparently screaming violently with her mouth widely agape) was copyrighted after being posted on this page.   However, Ms. Dahlerbruch & her photographer had missed two key deadlines.  Under U.S. copyright law, if one wants to sue legitimately for copyright infringement (claiming another party has stolen one’s work), one needs to register the work with the U.S. Copyright Office a) before the infringing activity occurs and/or b ) within 90 days of the work’s publication (click here).  In Ms. Dahlerbruch’s case, publication a) by the Coalition (and not Dahlerbruch) occurred prior to Dahlerbruch’s photographer’s belated registration and b) by Dahlerbruch occurred in July 2014, nearly two years prior to the Coalition’s publication of the photograph (i.e., 90-day safe harbor massively missed).  However, in order to provide Dahlerbruch with a fitting consequence for hiring an attorney to demand invalidly the removal of the legally used “work,” the Coalition determined to post instead a photo (taken by a Coalition member) of Katie and Michele Dahlerbruch holding an alcoholic beverage.  This photo was far more germane to the DUI Checkpoint video commentary re Katie Dahlerbruch.  The Coalition obviously, given the two deadlines being missed by Dahlerbruch, reserves the right to re-post the fairly used 2014 Katie Dahlerbruch screaming photograph at any time.  Click here to learn more about U.S. copyright law.

  On June 22, 2016, the following communication was received from YouTube’s Legal Support Team regarding Katie Dahlerbruch’s “DUI Checkpoint” video:  “We received the copyright infringement notification (attached) regarding your video(s). We believe your content is protected by fair use, fair dealing, or a similar exception to copyright protection. We are writing to let you know we do NOT plan to remove your video(s) at this time. You have control over the availability of videos on your channel, including the ability to delete them if you choose. ”  Clearly, YouTube understands copyright law better than Tony Dahlerbruch.

This web page and related posts and commentary represent both facts and opinions of the Coalition to Save PVE from Tony Dahlerbruch about Dahlerbruch himself and the PVE City Council public figures, and related parties, as protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  Posted comments made by third parties represent their own representations of facts and own opinions.

103 thoughts on “Save PVE from Tony Dahlerbruch

  1. So it only took getting rid of two councilpersons who were shielding Dahlerbruch – Jennifer King and Betty Lin Peterson – to FINALLY get rid of the worst city manager in the history of Los Angeles County? And the new city council was so anxious to banish Dahlerbruch from his job that they worked on changing a PVE city law so they wouldn’t have to wait only 90 days!?!? This guy must be horrible.

  2. Great news everyone: word around City Hall is that Tony Dahlerbruch is close to being fired. The new City Council is not going to protect him as did the last one. The old council liked having Tony D around as he would do whatever they told him to do. They didn’t care if he was incompetent or whatever. The new City Council wants someone capable of managing the city. If he’s around for the 4th of July gig at the Malaga Cove school, it will be heroic on his part. He’s gone for sure by Christmas.

    1. I can second this rumor. It’s running wild inside City Hall that Tony D is going to get canned in short order of the new City Council coming into power. Nobody around here understands how he lasted 5 years. He has driven the city into the ground and crushed the budget with hiring so many people to do his job for him.

  3. Tony Dahlerbruch is simply incompetent. Just watch him “perform” at the City Council meetings. He bumbles along and often has to “get back” to councilpersons asking basic questions. They keep him around because he does their bidding to the T. Sad.

  4. Sheri Repp Loadsman lasted three whole years in PVE? I’m amazed she survived that long. So many people in Carson wanted her to get the f(#k out and finally we were able to dump her on Palos Verdes. Deceitful? Yes. Condescending? Absolutely. Incompetent? Uh, yeah, but she thinks she’s actually good at her job.

  5. Really loved the comments on Nextdoor about 2000 sqft 50s-60s era homes. But seriously, that home above Bluff Cove is spectacular. I’ve always wanted but never in my life will be able to afford an oceanfront Tuscan style palatial estate located on nearly one acre. I mean wow – that palace was built with only the finest materials from around the world with no expense spared. One of my favorite parts is the courtyard adorned by the four cherubs – I’ll never get invited into the property so I have to stare through the front gate to get that view.

    Actually, my favorite thing about just a few people in PVE is despite being “middle aged” they are so fit. This one really handsome guy I know is this sleek, shaved-head 50-something-year-old guy married to this really breathtakingly attractive girl 20 years or so younger. Man-oh-man – the envy that must cause in both the 60+ men AND women in PVE. I promise you, if I was walking down the street with this guy’s wife and kids, no one ever would mistake me for the ol’ grandpa that I truly am. Perhaps in my next life I shall be so fortunate!

    1. OMG!!! That is the best peasant-post adaptation I’ll ever read. The peasants in their sheds are losing their collective minds over the “King of the Hill”, his hot wife and cool-ass kids. Long live the King!!!

    2. That house and its owners indeed draw much envy. There is this complete toolbag named Rob Feller who lives around the corner in what has to be a tract home transported on a truck bed from Valencia. The location is nearly the worst in the neighborhood – cars shine headlights into his place all night and his view is over everyone else’s homes. The guy reportedly barely could make the final payments around 2012 for this $100/sq. ft. quick-and-dirty job, and things have gotten for him three jobs later. Nobody ever filled him in on marrying a girl much younger – I think his wife is even older than him (at least sure looks that way) just like another dope across the street.

      1. You know, I just can’t stop thinking about that Nextdoor post referring to these old, tiny houses as “sheds” instead of estates. That really got in my head and I can’t stop posting stuff on this website, even though every time I do I get ridiculed hysterically by a bunch of East Coast guys who probably make in a week what I make in a year. They get quite excited when they learn I’ve posted more inane, born-of-envy-and-resentment dribble. Why am I so obsessed with my secret hero in PVE and thus can’t let this go? I know he’s laughing at my petty little aspersions – I’ve got nothing substantive on the guy as he is firing on all cylinders while I spin my wheels in anguish. Why do I subject myself to his satire and feed his appetite for “peasant humor.” Well, my house kinda has been an embarrassment to me. I try to act like a success, but when you live as I do it’s really not easy to fool people. You know, let me tell you the bad news first, and then the really exciting news.

        The bad news is that I make really bad decisions. First I graduated from a notoriously overpriced college (Ivy League was no option for me), got an entry level job at a third rate talent agency (I always dreamed of being Jerry McGuire), and then went into real estate right at the top of the market before it crashed. So, after going back to that joke college to burnish my resume, now I have to manage a bunch of tools who hustle loans to truly successful real estate players. I’m a bit weepy eyed as I write this because I always wanted to be a player, but now I’m essentially one of those Mens Warehouse suit buying loan officers. The price I have paid: I’m an anonymously posting coward now, beaten down and pretty much broke compared to a lotta guys my age, and had to buy a 65-year old 1,500 sq. ft. 1-shower “shed” on a bad street with no view of anything but the sides of other people’s houses. I met this guy once who when he was my age was had 9 figures in the bank and even paid cash for the nicest property in best neighborhood of my own city. I’ll never, ever get to this guy’s level of success, and it really kills me.

        Now for the really wonderful news. I was contacted by Shed Dweller Illustrated magazine, and I think I have a real chance to be on their cover for “Shed of the Year 2018”. No kidding! I already won “PVE Shed of the Week” (NOT depicted below) and it’s been a big boost to my self confidence. I don’t even think I would be 1/2 as shaken up as I was when served a legal notice a few months back (again, I’m a bit of a wuss so it doesn’t take much). Please root for me to make the magazine’s cover, ok?

        509 Avenida Mirola Google Street View Annotated

  6. Residents, by watching the special city council meeting last week it once again appears that the police department is not whatsoever interested in cutting back any of its services whatsoever. They want to bully us and get this tax pushed through and keep everything in place as it is now. The consultant that was paid 35k to come in and to analyze the department and make the suggestions for changes and cut apparently per some PVEPD officers had no clue what he was doing. Sad to say that once again the bullying tactics of the police department are taking over what really should be done. A proper business decision would be to cut the losses and not operate in the negative.

    lets have the real professionals (LASD) come in do the right job at the right price. Whomever is telling the residents once you close your police department down you can never get it back again is dead wrong. What you do is close it down, terminate the current folks in place, the younger officers with no issues can and will be absorbed by the sheriff and then in 5 to 7 years if the LASD isn’t cutting it for you then you reopen your doors and a build a police force from the ground up with community input from step one.

    Just my thoughts!!!!!!

  7. Can someone explain to me how a city that is filled with so many high achievers managed to elect a graduate of Cal State Long Beach to the city council? Is that school even accredited?

    1. My understanding of the discussions during the hiring process is that the representatives of the city felt that Mr. Dahlerbruch was a good candidate because he was easy to manipulate. They were looking to hire a “useful idiot.” In a sense his record of underachievement was felt to be an asset. The other matter that came up was that he has high expenses related to a child and would be susceptible to bribes if the situation arose.

  8. Nina Pintas and Lewis Junior said I should Google and boy were they right! those two are definitely of the same mind when it comes to pve. Their thought patterns are really in sync. The two of the have a lot in common. I bet they have a lot of very similar friends.

  9. Probe finds ‘hundreds’ could have known about foiled Bay Boys sting operation

    By: Megan Barnes (mbarnes@scng.com)

    POSTED: Saturday, Aug. 5, 2017 – 3:50 p.m.

    Palos Verdes Estates residents, this wonderful factual article is written so appropriately to show how incompetent our local police agency is. How can a police agency that has so many corrupt officers (Barber, Ackert, Velez, Best, Belda and the list goes on) effectively police our city when they themselves associate with known criminals, go to their homes for barbecues and gatherings. This is not community policing this is the direct reflection of a police officer knowingly having a relationship with a street criminal and or a felon. I remember many years ago a police detective from Redondo Beach (Sabosky) was criminally prosecuted for making a phone call to alert a friend that police were outside his door and about to serve a warrant.

    How is this any different when police officers and known associates of Bay Boys are alerting them to a sting. Damn right if I were Chief Kelley I would call it off that speaks from an experienced policeman. But to have the Palos a Verdes Police Department throw Santa Monica, Redondo and Hermosa police departments under the bus and say they could have easily revealed this operation well I disagree. You are dealing with some of the most experienced and finest police agencies in Los Angeles County.

    Palos Verdes Estates Police look from within, the core of your incompetent existence is from within. From your leadership all the way down to your rank and file.

    Time to once again vote against the police department and vote for the sheriffs department. How many incidents like this is it going to take for the residents to realize how corrupt Ou police department is.

    As for Kepley, good job in calling this off so that great police officers from other agencies wouldn’t have gotten hurt over the incompetence portrayed by your own agency. Like I’ve said before in my posts, Velez, Barber, Best And all the other players set you up to fail. I hope you get everything possible and affforded to you up to and including a robust settlement from the city. Jeff you’re a stoic professional and I’m sorry at the fact that you were thrown into this scum filled hell hole.

  10. First, THANK YOU to everyone who had the courage to vote against the City Council, Mayo, PVE Police Department, LA County Fire Department, PVE Mayor, PVE City Staff, Two Homes Associations and the Citizen’s Advisory Committee AKA Citizen’s Committee to Review City Expenditures. This was truly a David and Goliath event.

    I feel badly that the only option they left us was to approve a bad tax or vote it down. Regardless, it was voted down – now the hard work of creating an acceptable replacement starts.

    I’m hoping that everyone understands there will be no change in any services – none.

    Now we have about six months to develop a better tax, with a reasonable annual increase, which decreases over time, using some parameter related to revenues and ‘sunsets’ (which means ‘goes away’) eventually. It won’t be easy but it is very doable.

    1. Does anyone know anything about this jackass Bob (Robert) Stanley who is arguing on NextDoor with all those who didn’t like Measure D or how PVE officials peddled it in apparent violation of the laws underlying such measures?

      I found this on LinkedIn:

      Given that he and wife Jody Stantley only pay around $17,000/year in property taxes for their very modest home, and thus pretty much fall into the “peasant” category when it comes to contributing to the City’s revenue base, how does he get off fighting with Jim Nyman and Desire “Dez” Myers? Dez has been very on target with her criticism of PVE government, especially Tony D.

      1. If you think the Stantleys are peasants, you gotta get a load of Jennifer Laity and her husband Bob. This pauper ran for the PVHA and got her back side handed to her. The guy running an opposing slate the next year didn’t even bother to put her on the ballot – guess he learned his lesson. From what I hear, she is a wannabe socialite but really nobody has all that much desire to include her in socializing. Just your typical older woman whose kid has left her humble nest empty and she needs a purpose. So that purpose is to defend the same people bankrupting PVE – the police department and Tony Dahlerbruch.

    2. Jim,

      Kudos to you for your hardwork a rare thing in our city. The real solution to PVE budget squeeze is a cost cuts; fire lazy police officers who allow cyclist and other outsiders to operate with zero enforcement of the Law. I am sure you realize that the cyclists and others could and should be cited. Our police force should be like state troopers and cite the non resident squatters who come to our town and break laws. Why should the residents foot the bill for a department that can’t even control Lunada Bay without the city paying something like $30,000 to an outside police force to do the job for them? PVE residents – don’t be a pathetic person who lets people take advantage of you. Be courageous and make the lazy city employees work and earn their pay.

      1. Dear Mr Kepley?

        Do you think your support of Big Orange Cycling cost you the 100 votes needed to pass Measure D?

  11. If you were only 99% sure Tony Dahlerbruch was a corrupt [redacted], this past weekend you should find yourself over the goal line to 100%

    You just can’t make this stuff up. PVE’s website now has a “Rumor Control Page” (click here) that really should be called the “Spin Control Page”. If it weren’t so bloody dishonest/disingenuous and we all didn’t live here, it would be funny. Check out whatTony D wants you to believe is the “truth” about the Lugliani land sale transaction:

    “Rumor: The City sold parklands to the Luglianis.
    Rumor False. The City did not sell parkland. More information on this issue can be found on the City’s Legal Matters webpage. In connection with the settlement agreement, the City conveyed the Via Panorama parcel to the Homes Association. As part of that transaction, the City also retained an Open Space Easement over the parcel, an emergency access road, and utility easements. (Note: The Open Space Easement guaranteed that all the property subject to it would remain undeveloped). In exchange, the City accepted ownership of Lots C & D for the sole purpose of preserving them as parklands.”

    Here are the facts (as seen by Superior Court Judge; click here), and you tell me if the Lugliani’s in a roundabout way bought $10 million worth of (if-rezoned to R-1; click here) PVE parkland for under $2 million:

    1) Lugliani $1.5 million leaves their bank account CONTINGENT UPON (money doesn’t move w/o) …
    2) PVE parkland next door to them changing title to Lugliani/related entity (i.e., PVE no longer owns the land)
    3) Lugliani within months petitions to have land rezoned to R-1 (click here), which would take its value well over $10 million (click here to see massive lot size and views).

    Tony – we are all not 1/2 as dumb as your dumb [redacted] thinks we are!!!

    1. Yes Tony is a corrupt worm. He’s not important. They could fire him and plug in any too bit thug into his job. We have got bigger fish to fry. All the money that the PVHA is afraid of losing with these legal matters, could be recovered with plenty to spare, if they made Bob and Deloris pay back property taxes for the land that they’ve usurped. Over a period of 25 yrs they’ve doubled their lot size. This is not counting the open space they covet so much. I have the records of their encroachment. They owe enough money in back property taxes to pay Christi and court costs.

  12. Without commenting either way on the actual ordinance itself, I have been seeing a lot of those “Save Your Local Police Dept.” signs around town. You should know they were NOT placed by your official city Police Department – they are from the police UNION. At best these signs are misleading & disingenuous; at worst they are a misleading false & manipulative scare tactic. The actual Measure D proposition is entitled “fire and paramedic tax” and does not in any way fund police services, as many next door commenters have pointed out the tax is lock-boxed for that function only.

    It seems the UNION thinks that if the ordinance doesn’t pass, the City will be forced into funding LA County fire & paramedic services through the general fund and capital reserves. In that case the UNION is afraid they might lose some if not all of their very generous overtime benefit from the City.

    I am sure if these numbers are wrong I am sure a swift correction will be forthcoming…. But it appears the PVE PD charges the city about $1.2-Million per year for overtime (out of an about $7-million police annual budget, or 17%). PS- what’s so intense in PVE that needs police overtime ? That $7-Million represents 58% of the City’s annual $12-Million (about) total budget.

    I’ve read surveys where it is generally accepted that PVE residents “like” the PVE PD and “prefer” having their own City force, but it seems that the UNION doesn’t like the residents as much in return, we are just their lucrative overtime meal ticket. Information seems to indicate the City of PVE could contract with LA Sheriffs for an annual cost of about $4-Million, a savings of $3-Million per year (or about 25% of the annual budget ! ‘ “real’ money) in an era where city spending has increased so much that there are no more surpluses going into back into the capital reserve fund, which is falling. Sheriffs are less “cuddly” and “likeable” but maybe provide a more even enforcement of surf punks beating up residents & visitors alike, cycling & traffic violations, etc…. In any case the city needs to get a handle on police costs !!! Certainly food for thought….

  13. PVE has to make a critical choice in electing a Treasurer in March. This will be the first Treasurer elected in over 20 years as it is always back-doored through appointments and single candidate electrons.

    The current Treasurer is a non-financial former city council retread.

    In March voters will be able to choose form a highly qualified, financially educated banking professional “outsider” and ANOTHER non-qualified attorney recycled incompetent former city council member.

    Mrs. Victoria Lozzi is THE ONLY most qualified candidate. Mrs. Lozzi is not only a mom to PV school graduates and has serves a treasurer of National Charity League and UC Berkeley Alumni Association Board of Directors Finance Director – she is a Senior VP at US Bankcorp with over 28 years of corporate banking experience !!!! Mrs. Lozzi brings a fresh and highly qualified ‘outsider’s’ perspective, and is not another not a recycled insider !!!

    PS – Former council member Jim Nyman has dropped out of the race and now endorses Mrs. Lozzi (although his name remains on the ballot).

    Now, contrast that to John Rea. I cannot think of a guy that has done more damage to the City of PVE than Rea !!!!

    Under his (lack of) so called leadership at the council level, Rea has presided over—

    * Allowing surf thugs to beat up on residents and visitors alike;

    * Hired incompetent City manager Tony D (oooh that’s a bad one) and hired the incompetent Police Chief Kepley too.

    * Ignored and was unresponsive to the CA Coastal Commission and now PVE sits under threat of take over of our coastline and imposition of forced amenities costing tons of money and allowing more outsiders to our beaches;

    * Literally taken or public space open land and handed it to his cronies (the Lugnianis); Lost a a superior courts case was that land gift was deemed illegals – and then authorized payer money to pay large legal bills to defend this losing position;

    * Participated in a a dispute over open land with the PV School District.

    If I was to list the specific and detailed lies Rea has told me to my face this letter would be several pages long.

    So– PVE Voters — WAKE UP – Vote Lozzi for Treasurer, elect the only qualified candidate; make PVE great again and drain the City swamp of the another recycled unqualified denizen.

  14. I have been seeing lawn signs going up around PVE for two new council candidates, Sandy Davidson and Ken Kao. It wasn’t hard to figure out that pretty much anyone with a pulse would be an improvement over those being replaced, John Rea and especially Jim Goodhart. Goodhart is considered by many to be a back slapping fool, while Rea is disliked mostly for his arrogance.

    Sandy Davidson seems easy to understand. He’s an older, slow speaking and thinking guy slamming up against retirement as a doctor. He needs something to do to give him purpose after he hangs up the white coat. The good news is that he is on the right side of a few key issues like parkland sales and bloated PVE budgets. The bad news is that his mature mind hasn’t drawn the line between bloated PVE budgets and the source of that problem – the PVEPD represents 99% (vs. 40% in RPV) of all the property taxes received by the City and 57% of the total budget (vs. 15% in RPV).

    Ken Kao is more of a wild card, but a huge improvement over Goodhart. On the positive side, Kenny Kao is in mid-40s, a Boalt law school graduate, energetic and seems to have good judgment. Kenneth Kao has shown he’ll collect the facts and make sound determinations, as exhibited in March 2016 when he shut down corrupt Sheri Repp Loadsman’s poorly conceived plan to permit short term rentals (Airbnb). The bad news is that he is perhaps too tightly allied with the incumbents, pretty much all of whom support him. Since they are helping him win the open seat on Council, it’s going to be very hard for him to oppose their views.

    1. John Rea is running for treasurer and should NOT be allowed anywhere near the city’ s money !!!

      Fortunately there is a qualified candidate, Lozzi, Banking VP

      1. Preposterous D
        How underpaid are our dedicated Police Force?
        Certainly 7 million dollars can patrol an area of 4.8 square miles.
        It seems as though a million dollars a square mile would work.

        1. It is much worse than this. If you look at Tony D’s self-celebrated 2016-2018 budget (click here) he has the PVEPD up to $7.3 million in cost! That comes out to a $ cost/year per resident that perhaps the highest cost of any law enforcement agency in the entire country besides Atherton, CA, which as Silicon Valley’s bedroom community is the wealthiest town in the USA! PVEPD charges over 4X times the $ cost/year/resident of RPV (click here).

  15. So what can we do??? How about holding the actual code enforcement officer, of PVE individually as well as those in administration responsible for failure to perform duties of their job as set forth in their job descriptions.

    We need to consider many avenues to address the city’s and their agents failures to represent the homeowners of this city and hold them each accountable for failing to uphold city codes, codicils, and regulations as they are not only required to do but are amply and often excessively compensated to do!!!

    It is time to take any and all legal recourse to terminate with cause and replace city employees with ones who will do their jobs in an honest and ethical manner! NOW!! Before our great city has been so thoroughly corrupted and destroyed that we have no voice left at all.

  16. The failure of the PVE City councils, police, and city management over the years has led to two (2) new “unintended consequences” affecting the good (but apathetic) citizens of PVE:

    1. Lunada Bay Boys saga now a part of liquor store owner’s hate crime lawsuit. Link: http://www.dailybreeze.com/general-news/20161012/lunada-bay-boys-saga-now-a-part-of-liquor-store-owners-hate-crime-lawsuit

    The high-profile legal battle against an alleged gang of territorial surfers known as the Lunada Bay Boys is playing into a separate hate crime lawsuit filed by a liquor store owner who survived a bloody attack near their surf spot one year ago…..

    2. Palos Verdes Estates pushes back against call for amenities to Lunada Bay. Link: http://www.dailybreeze.com/government-and-politics/20161012/palos-verdes-estates-pushes-back-against-call-for-amenities-to-lunada-bay

    Palos Verdes Estates is pushing back against the California Coastal Commission’s calls for the city to add public amenities to Lunada Bay to make it more welcoming to visitors.

    The city drafted a letter Oct. 11 responding to another letter from the commission last week that renews the agency’s push for public amenities along the bluffs above Lunada Bay.

    The bay has become notorious as the stomping grounds for the Bay Boys, a group of local surfers accused of aggressive and sometimes violent behavior.

    1. Arthur – you hit the proverbial nail on the head, once again. PVEPD Chief Kepley’s incompetence in failing to understand his job was to assuage earnestly the Bay Boys plaintiffs’ fears and concerns (so they wouldn’t sue) is the root cause of that particular set of lawsuits. The media and legal complaints are replete with examples of Kepley’s fake “nice guy” routine falling flat when his audience sees through the façade, realizing they are just being prevaricated to by a fraudster/liar/flim-flam artist. The Via Panorama/Lugliani/Harbison suit also didn’t need to occur but for the legal ineptitude of PVE’s City Attorney Hogin (working feverishly to leave no paper trail of her chicanery) and fellow corrupt POS George “Child Molester Defender” Bird. Relating to the absurdly adjudicated decision to accede to the belligerent demands of a truly organized biker gang by taking down “Bike Laws Strictly Enforced” signs while putting up 3′-It’s-the-Law signs they illegally protested to obtain, City Council is just begging for more abuse by these nearly all out-of-city users of our resources.

  17. I’ve lived in a lotta cities in my life, but let me tell you this for sure. Tony D is the worst city manager my family’s had to deal with of ’em all. Corrupt is the perfect word for this inept fool. There is no question that the rules, the laws, everything that he’s supposed to care about don’t matter. He just stumbles from one f’up to the next

  18. re. Signs, not fencing, will warn visitors about growing sinkhole above Lunada Bay

    Another result of indecisive, bad, rudderless leadership in PVE – putting residents and visitors alike in physical harms way. Only a dolt would not fence this off — PVE BUILD THAT WALL. Only new leadership will make PVE great again.

    Meanwhile personal attorneys are anxiously awaiting calls from the injured, operators standing by…. 1-800-2SUE PVE

    Link: http://www.dailybreeze.com/environment-and-nature/20160727/signs-not-fencing-will-warn-visitors-about-growing-sinkhole-above-lunada-bay

  19. Now that United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union, we need a “PVExit” referendum vote too— Remain with the expensive incompetent city police department or Leave and sign up with the sheriffs for lower cost, higher grade officers & leadership and more policing expertise and resources

    Vote ‘Leave’ in the PVExit !!!!!

  20. Mayor admits to making the “worst outcome”. Any other outcome (by definition) would have been better than the worst”. Jeeeeze what a bunch of bozos. Why do the so called good citizens of PVE allow this ????

    How about a better idea like a one year extension giving time to work out the negotiations and future plans before a approving such a long term “worst” deal.

    Making a bad decision is one thing, but to make the “worst” decision and knowing at the time it is the “worst” outcome is a big FU to the PVE residents. And these folks are 4/5 attorneys ! I smell a Beach Club campaign pay off in this– when coupled with all the other worst decisions made recently there is a pattern here of more than just simple incompetence.

    1. That comment she made about worst outcome, but she still voted for it, wasn’t the worst of what came out of her mouth. After that silliness, she went all sanctimonious and started preaching from the PVBAC Foundation articles of incorporation. It was beyond stupid. She was talking about the golden rule and being nice and all that, and then essentially stated those at PVBAC who refused to be dictated by her should live by these strong principles, but they didn’t. When can she just leave?!?

  21. Seen this yet ??? Mayor admits to making the “worst outcome”. Any other outcome would have been better than the “worst”. Jeeeeze what a bunch of bozos.


    Palos Verdes Estates sidesteps membership complaints in new Palos Verdes Beach and Athletic Club contract

    By Cynthia Washicko, The Daily Breeze

    Some lowlights…

    IGNORE THE PUBLIC AGAIN: Despite calls for greater public access to the seaside Palos Verdes Beach and Athletic Club, the city of Palos Verdes Estates has approved a 10-year extension of the club’s operating agreement that essentially maintains the status quo. The extension, approved this week by the City Council, allows the club to continue operating under the existing concession agreement with no requirement that it address issues with a crowded wait list for membership.

    MAYOR JEN ADMITS TO MAKING THE WORST DECISION: ” King said. “I actually think that the result we’re reaching tonight is maybe possibly the worst outcome because we have a 10-year agreement and that, I think, actually works to the greatest detriment to our wait-list members…”

  22. Arthur Jury would like nothing better to connect with other right minded PVE citizens who feel the present leadership is terrible, and lead or participate a hostile take over recall program against these dolts that have screwed the pooch here: Selling our public land to a crony, allowing criminal activity against our citizens as well as outsiders, ignoring problems so that they alo the State to get their hooks into the city including 11,000 per day fines….

    However it looks like the “nearly dead” or “newly wed” citizenry is so apathetic or clueless that doing so would only bring attention and ruin to Art’s business and family: wife Grande Jury, son Hung Jury, and sister D. Jury Isout.

    Unless somebody somewhere shows some sign of life in PVE besides Art in protesting this incompetence, “A Man” must remain a faceless fighter.

  23. Pathetic !!!! Are the stupid incompetent boobs who run this city, including the old out of touch mayor and council members (most of whom are attorneys and should know better) and the very highly paid staff including the well compensated city attorney (who I guess was so busy scheming to steal our open spaces that she didn’t have time to see this coming) and small time city manager (under Websters Dictionary under ‘incompetent’ there’s a photo of Tony D) going to pay the $11,000 per day (i.e. $4,015,000 per year) fine out of their own pockets ?

    Heck no – they are going to stick it to the to the stupid apathetic citizens of this town that are too busy or do not care enough to get involved and keep sending in morons like this to lead the town (last election no one except incumbents were on the ballot). That’s a lot of money on a city that floats about a $7-milion annual budget.

    The good people of PVE and especially Lunada Bay residents must rise up immediately and recall these clowns. I cannot imagine the trash, noise, traffic, disruption and potential crime problems this is going to incur on all those $3-million dollar homes (are those homeowners sorry now they didn’t vote or get involved?).

    Do you know what will happen now that the liberal agenda state bureaucrats have their “hooks” into PVE ???? Having experience with the state of Azatlan, er ah I mean, California, let’s project a few reasonable assumptions:

    1) Signage from Santa Monica to Redondo with signs directing people to Lunada Bay, 2) as street parking will be inadequate, construct a surface parking lot along the bluffs, 3) When this proves to be too small, build a multi level parking garage structure, 4) build improved pathways and stairs (steel structures) to allow easier passage from bluff top to rocky beach below, 5) Add amenity improvements such as sidewalks, 6) and do not forget building bathrooms, with buried septic tanks and all their associated problems. 6) City staff will have to expand at taxpayer expense to add Parks & Rec personnel adding salaries and long time CalPERS benefits costs to monitor and clean up the “park”… Shall I continue ???

    And finally do not forget about first time a handicapped person cannot access the beach —- Filing either a federal ADA lawsuit or the State enforcing their Title 24 regulations – PVE will be required to build all elevator down to the sea level, plus probably a lift chair on the beach, and generator to power it.

    Thanks PVE you idiots, if you didn’t ignore it or call it an “urban legend” none of this would have happened. You should have taken up David Hadley’s offer to help negotiate with the State, but you shined him on too. Sticking your heads in the sand means you got you butt kicked and you didn’t even see it coming.

    1. Folks. Bottom line is if the city had a real law enforcement agency this matter would have been to bed. Start a petition, recall the PVE police department. Pay 4 million to the sheriffs department not 7 million plus to PVE and get the answers and enforcement you need. Plus you will get a ton more law enforcement experience and investigative experience then this pathetic department has to offer.

      I read the reports posted on KTLA. A four year old can conduct a better investigation than these officers and supervisors who are paid an exorbant amount of money yearly.

      Close the police doors and welcome the sheriffs department.

      1. Agree with mr confidential. Bring in the real law enforcers.

        Our city manager, council and staff do not have the citizen’s best interest in mind and their lack of fiscal responsibility with our tax dollars is atrocious and greatly disturbing.

        All this complaining about the obvious goes nowhere though. They still get their paychecks and sweet benefits while many of us toil tirelessly to afford their salaries, pay for our own benefits and save for our retirements.

        No justice in PVE.

        Wake up Estates dwellers. Your city is not spending your hard earned money wisely and you are being robbed while looking like complete idiots. What other city on the planet ignores the state’s coastal commission direction and is slapped with a class action lawsuit to afford the opportunity to visit your own local beach?

        Mr Dahlerbruch needs public input to take down an illegal patio on a public beach? Well that should take about a year.

        We all look like idiots with Larry, Moe and Curly running the show and Barney Fife and company pretending to enforce the law.

        Sad cast of characters.

    2. F*#@ing city f#cks! Shit show. F*#@ing impeach them all. Hostile takeover in order.

      Only in PVE can this shit show continue.

      Completely and totally disillusioned

  24. Well NOW they’ve done it….


    Coastal Commission pushes Palos Verdes Estates harder to make changes at Lunada Bay

    By Cynthia Washicko, The Daily Breeze

    Palos Verdes Estates could face repercussions from the California Coastal Commission — including up to $11,000 a day in fines — if it doesn’t meet public access requirements for Lunada Bay, a California Coastal Commission enforcement agent said Friday.

  25. Ha ha and the clueless idiots on the city council and city staff thought that if they ignored it or called it an ‘urban legend’ it would all go away. Now the State is on our backs. Time for new proactive leadership in PVE.

  26. Greeeeaaatttt !!!! Now we have the state coming down on us !!!

    “State tells Palos Verdes Estates to make Lunada Bay more welcoming”


    Palos Verdes Estates has until early July to begin the process of making Lunada Bay more welcoming to outside visitors, according to a letter from a California Coastal Commission officer.

    In the letter sent to City Manager Tony Dahlerbruch this week, Coastal Commission Enforcement Officer Jordan Sanchez laid out options available to the city to open up Lunada Bay and address an illegally built stone patio structure at the base of the cliffs in the world-famous surfing spot. Both topics were discussed during a May 10 meeting between city and commission staff members, according to the letter.

    more at link ….

  27. Worst … City Manager … Ever

    This bad man must be outlawed from our city, as soon as possible. Pay him the 6 months severance and be rid of him.

  28. Mr. Dahlerbruch,

    Clearly from this website you have MANY members of the community very dissatisfied with your job performance to the point that a website dedicated to you has been created. What a gift . . . I hope you are taking advantage of the information humbly improving your clearly disastrous rein as City Manager. However, I am not taking my precious time to write a comment about how terrible of a job you are doing as a City Manager. I am taking the time to write this to you to potentially avoid the pain and suffering caused by the impotence you are demonstrating as a father . . . a father whose daughter has publicly announced her disregard for the law and human life.

    As a father myself, I understand the challenges of raising a daughter in todays world. However, as one of the two people that are my children’s primary role models, it is a responsiblity that is the most impactful and will be the legacy of our family. My dear friend refused to take action regarding his daughter’s use of alcohol (“she’s a great student and drinks just like all the other kids and they are all going to great schools, we’ve all been there.”). Well, she’s dead now and so is the other two teenagers that were in her car . . . the families are devastated, as well as, the community. They lost 3 kids, and seriously injured an innocent family in another vehicle. Two of the families of the children are now divorced and the siblings are emotionally scared so deeply only time will tell.

    As a leader and a public servant, you owe it to not only the community but to your daughter to be the example and make sure she never does this again. Doing nothing is only a declaration of pure ignorance and disrespect to the citizens and taxpayers of PVE and a belief that you and your daughter are both above the law. Get some help for your daughter and be the father she needs and deserves.

    1. So far in the last 4 years my kids have lost 8 palos verdes friends. Some were overdoses, some were auto crashes, but several were drunk drivers themselves or victims of drunk drives. Its a darn shame… couple that with the fact that I know about four recovering heroin addicts under 26 years old from PV high school and it makes you wonder about what is really going on here “on the hill”. Then throw in the cavalier attitude that our so called city leadership has with alcohol (i.e. Tony drinking a beer with surfer punks, Goodhart stating he doesn’t care if people drink while on public PVE parkland, etc….) and you can see how bad PV parenting has crept into bad city leadership.

      1. Think about Katie Dahlerbruch’s parents – our City Manager Tony Dahlerbruch and his troubled wife Michele. For like 3 years their daughter had this Vine.com video up where she’s trying to be one of the kool kids. You know … mocking a DUI checkpoint and acting all bad and oblivious when asked if she’s been drinking. THREE YEARS! Obviously, she knew this video was online and thought it was giving her some cred with the sorority sisters at Chi Omega, and you gotta figure that her parents must have Googled her ONCE over three years, right? This Vine was coming up on Google search results page one for a long, long time, so it’s fair to say the Dahlerbruch family was A.O.K. with it until this website shined some righteous light on the matter. Then Poof! It was taken down off of Vine. This is not a good family that PVE has representing it at City Hall.

        1. Thank you for posting the link to this video. It is clear Tony D is as terrible a parent as he is a city manager. The crass, depraved, behavior of his daughter is a reflection on him. Especially as regards the esteem and respect she clearly has towards public safety employees.

          Katie, here’s a lesson your father Tony D clearly never taught you. If you don’t want the world to see it, don’t record it and certainly don’t upload it. Anywhere.

  29. I just want to thank you Ankur for putting up this website and especially for exposing Katie Dahlerbruch’s “DUI Checkpoint Adventure”. This is just simply a repulsive thing for an adult to have up on the web, or even someone at any age for that matter. Kudos to you for shaming this sorority girl for her big celebration at surviving her little adventure. I have shown this to other parents here in PVE and we are disgusted with the city manager and his daughter for their behavior. What if she killed someone while driving drunk? I imagine that would make it clear to that dead kid’s parents who is on the side of evil here and who is on the side of angels.

  30. Let me see if I have this all figured out. Tony Dahlerbruch receives something like a quarter of a million dollars from PVE taxpayers, gives some of that to his daughter Katie Dahlerbruch and that gets used for her beer $ and UCLA tuition, and then she drives home seemingly drunk from Redondo possibly thru PVE, putting our own sober driving and walking children at risk?!?!?!?!?

    This guy is some great role model and dad for all the PVE kids. Either he was asleep at the switch (or didn’t care) and didn’t even have a Google alert – that takes 1 minute to program – for his daughter’s name or wasn’t Googling her for nearly 3 years, or he knew that this Vine video was online but thought the apparent celebration of surviving a DUI checkpoint was an adventure worth keeping online.


  31. VERY UNFAVORABLE article in LA Times regarding the out of touch, antagonistic, obfuscating codgers that run PVE… Ignoring the problem hoping it will “go away” and not handling the real issues that are affecting the city in a negative way.

    Link: http://www.latimes.com/local/california/la-me-surf-gang-20160509-story.html

    Headline: “Surfer gang harassment allegations dismissed by Palos Verdes officials, records show”

    My favorite parts:

    “As harassment allegations increased against a surfer gang known as the “Bay Boys,” Palos Verdes Estates officials dismissed the problem as “urban legend” and discussed ways to avoid further public and media scrutiny, correspondence obtained by The Times shows.”

    “The messages among City Manager Tony Dahlerbruch, Police Chief Jeff Kepley and City Council members indicate that city leaders repeatedly downplayed the alleged harassment by the Bay Boys against other surfers at Lunada Bay. ”

    “….exchanges show that when Assemblyman David Hadley (R-Torrance) had a conference call with city officials earlier this year, offering to intervene with state resources, Dahlerbruch and other Palos Verdes Estates leaders rejected the overture, saying they feared it would draw more media attention.”

    (Your favorite guy again…) ” “This is an old story and one that I do not consider news or worthy of news coverage,” Kepley wrote in a memorandum that also conceded that the Police Department had done “likely not enough” to rid Lunada Bay of harassment.”

    (Good job Tony !!!): “Dahlerbruch reported to the council that he also made a personal visit to the fort, where he received a friendly greeting and was offered a beer. ” The city’s municipal code prohibits alcohol consumption at public spaces, including Lunada Bay.

    (Head in sand approach): ” “Councilman Goodhart acknowledged the residents’ concerns. Regarding the media focus on the Bay Boys, he said: “We need to be smart about this unprecedented attack on our city.” ”

    (Maybe it will go away all on its own attitude): “In recent weeks, the police chief and city manager have stopped answering questions from The Times about Lunada Bay.”

    (Plaintiff’s response): “If blaming victims of perpetuating an ‘urban legend’ is the official position of Palos Verdes Estates, it is disappointing.”

    (Good job Badhart or is it Bad job Goodhart): “California Coastal Commission staffers …suggested ways to make sure people from outside the city can get to the water, including improved trails and better signage. Councilman James F. Goodhart said in an interview that none of the public access proposals have received consideration from the council.”

    Article by Garrett Therolf, Contact Reporter

    1. Art – the Coalition could not have scripted E-mails or commentary from Dahlerbruch, Kepley and Goodhart any more effectively to expose the corruption and ineptitude that runs deeply through their veins. That’s the good news, in terms of shining light on the problem. The bad news? PVE is the epicenter of apathy (mostly due to great climate, pre-assisted living demographic, and remoteness from civilization), so even this exposure won’t lead to any real changes.

  32. PVE is presently getting sued in so many ways – and these are only the CURRENT suits

    1. Appealing loss of lawsuit to continue and try to give away our public land to their crony

    2. Sued for allowing ongoing criminal gang activity and violence along bluffs

    3. Sued for putting up hazardous speed bumps that caused the death of a cyclist which was a lame response to ecades of not enforcing vehicle laws for cyclists.

    Look… Tony D, Christi H, and Chief K are only the “symptoms” in PVE.

    The real “disease” is the incompetent out of touch ancient city council members that have ignored real problems for decades,. This current crew is bad enough, but past councils also have kicked the can of inaction down the road too.

    Until we recall or vote out these bums, we will never have the opportunity to Make PVE Great Again. A dumb council cannot by definition make great hires and that really shows up here in PVE.

  33. http://www.dailybreeze.com/general-news/20160329/federal-lawsuit-claims-palos-verdes-estates-surfers-are-a-criminal-street-gang

    A federal class-action lawsuit filed Tuesday against the Lunada Bay Boys, a group of territorial Palos Verdes Estates surfers known for intimidating visitors from their beloved coastal bluff, argues that the group is a criminal street gang and should be banned from gathering together.

    The suit seeks a gang injunction against the tight-knit group, stating that they “not only confront and attack other (beachgoers), but also confront, threaten to kill, assault, vandalize property, extort, and bring harm to other persons.”

    The Lunada Bay Boys’ “severe localism combined with Palos Verdes Estates’ historic disinterest in investigating” their crimes represents a large-scale violation of constitutional rights of anyone who wants to enjoy the beach, the lawsuit states. “By law, Lunada Bay is open to all. In reality, it is open to few.”

    GET THIS: “Even though Palos Verdes Estates is an exclusive community with more than 40 police personnel, Spencer and other surfers had to pay a security guard $100 to watch their vehicles to protect the vehicles from vandalism while they surfed,” the lawsuit states.

    MORE: But the lawsuit lays blame on the Palos Verdes Estates Police Department, arguing the agency ignored the problem and, therefore, the city does not provide constitutionally required equal protection under the law.

    YOUR FAVORITE: Plaintiffs are suffering ongoing irreparable harm, including loss of sleep, emotional distress, and mental anguish as a proximate result of Palos Verdes Estates and Defendant Chief of Police Jeff Kepley’s deliberate indifference to Plaintiff’s rights,” the suit says.

    Obviously the PVEPD have allowed this for decades (even long before Kepley) and the incompetent city councils of today and past decades made up of ancient out of touch lawyers have also allowed it with a “wink and a nudge”.

    This will be another large $$$$ judgement against the city and increased federal oversight of our local control when the suit is won by plaintiffs. Thanks PVE….

  34. Just got done hearing a handful of horror stories about Sherri Repp Loadsman. If this is the kind of garbage getting promoted in PVE, back up the dump truck everyone. It’s gonna get very dirty!!

  35. What name would you use for an overpaid PVE administrator who determines that, when she doesn’t want to answer a calling resident’s simple, legitimate question (“Can you give me an update on where the litigation stands against Desire Kocarslan at 605 Paseo del Mar?”), simply hangs up on the caller? Repulsive scumbag comes to mind – just the kind to underling that Tony D has been hiring to replace great fleeing employees like Joe Mendoza.

  36. Just informed that the only good guy remaining at PVE city hall, Joe Mendoza, building inspector, is leaving the city. Chalk up another running off of competent staff by Tony D.

    1. Arthur – thanks for you continued contributions to the site. Yes, Joe Mendoza’s last day working for the City of PVE unfortunately is today. He is off to grace the city hall of Signal Hill instead of continuing to be subject to the corrupt oversight of Tony Dahlerbruch. I cannot imagine the relief he must feel knowing he won’t have to obey Tony D ever again. Mendoza indeed was one of PVE’s greatest, and destined for the forthcoming PVE City Hall Wall of Fame after 15+ years putting the law and residents first, and his own self interest second. He will be missed very much.

      1. For anybody to want to work in Signal Hill, historically one of the most corrupt cities in all of California, and frankly a mix of oil wells, massage parlors, big box malls, condos, and low rent 1930s wood frame houses with high crime rate… over PVE indicates a BIG problem with current city management.

  37. I have tried to get this forced-out-of-Carson administrator on the phone nearly every day for a week now, but either she is not “in yet” (horrible work discipline?) or doesn’t take or return calls. I’ve made clear I only need to speak for five minutes to get an update on an outstanding legal matter involving our neighborhood. She just doesn’t care and knows that her dangerous liason with Tony Dahlerbruch cannot be broken. What are those two up to together, anyway?

  38. Time to get an organized opposition

    Palos Verdes Estates will ask voters next year to extend a special parcel tax funding fire and paramedic services provided by the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

    The City Council on Wednesday decided to place the tax measure on the March 2017 ballot rather than the November general election ballot. Although more voters would go to the polls for November’s presidential election, tax proposals from L.A. County as well as state funding measures are expected to crowd the ballot.

    Palos Verdes Estates officials believe the best chance for approval will be during the regular city election in March of next year because voters last approved the measure in the March 2007 municipal election.

    “If we did this during the general election, this (measure) would be way at the end (of the ballot), and I don’t know that people will be awake by the time they get to the end,” Mayor Jim Goodhart said. “So I think having our own election is good. … I think it would also send a message that we’re not trying to hide anything, that this is our city election and this is our tax measure, so it would be up front.”

    The city contracts with the county Fire Department for services, including for brush inspections, emergency responses, rescues, building construction-related services, and all personnel and equipment.

    The 10-year special tax is set to expire on June 30, 2017. More than 87 percent of voters supported the 2007 measure, which required a two-thirds vote because it’s a parcel tax. Less than a quarter of eligible voters went to the polls that year.

    Placing it on the March ballot rather than in November will save the city money because two City Council seats and the city treasurer position will be up for election.

    Had the measure been placed on the November ballot and failed, officials could have placed it on the March ballot for a second chance. However, officials, who also directed staff to create a citizens committee to promote the tax measure, expressed confidence that voters would approve it as they did a decade ago.

    The city’s annual budget stands at about $25 million, and without the special parcel tax the city would need to make up about $5.4 million annually, “causing a fiscal crisis,” a staff report said.

    A typical homeowner paid about $622.59 for the special tax in 2007-08, but city officials don’t yet know what the special tax would cost the average homeowner this time around.

    1. Arthur – the perpetual hurdle to any “organized opposition” to the corruption in PVE City Hall and the PVEPD remains the general apathy amongst the elderly/retired resident base that dominates PVE. John Harbison with his ROBE efforts, however valeant and valid, couldn’t even get a quorum (much less a majority of a quorum) to mail in a simple ballot. Though this may be hard to believe, the apathy and general frugality of the average elderly PVE resident is so bad that his main mistake may have been not pre-stamping envelopes so the codgers wouldn’t have to spend 50c or so of their own money. THAT is how bad is the inertia in PVE, and you can be damn sure all those overpaid, out-of-city employees (Dahlerbruch, Repp Loadsman, Hall) and officers (Kepley, Gonzalez, Gonzales, Lebeau, Barber, Belda, etc) all have this figured out. PVE is a great place to be corrupt and overpaid – perhaps second to none.

  39. [NOTE FROM SITE: In order to attempt to confirm the factual parts relating to George Bird’s purported financial demise in the comment below, the Coalition at 9:25 a.m. on January 7th contacted the only known working phone number for Karen Bird, instructing her via the Bird & Bird receptionist to read this comment and inform us if anything required correction. Karen Bird’s Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/karen.h.bird) still states she lives in PVE, contradicting the comment. Readers of this comment below should consider the statement of George Bird being “broke” and “living above a garage” to be unconfirmed and treated as such until the Coalition can confirm this information, as we have that Karen Bird did indeed divorce George Bird.]

    George Bird update…

    George and Karen Bird are divorced. Karen totally owns the law firm. She lives in Torrance. Apparently after a lifetime of over extravagance, dramatically lower wages as a judge, and a costly divorce, George is broke and is living in a small guest room above a cheap garage somewhere on the peninsula. George is apparently a terrible judge, a horrible egomaniac, and the court staff, lawyers, and other judges hate him.

    Feel free to check this out with your own sources but it is all true.

  40. re. PV News… “Amid a rare contested election, the Palos Verdes Homes Association’s president Mark Paullin, one of four board members targeted by a group of activists, wrote in an email addressed to homeowners Tuesday night that he had notified colleagues of his resignation Dec. 14. Paullin oversaw the controversial 2012 land-swap agreement in which the Palos Verdes Estates City Council and the homes association unanimously approved transferring a parcel of parkland to a couple who live on Via Panorama….”

    No Comments on this… ????

    Yuge news, attend the meeting vote for alternate board members, fill Paullin’s spot with somebody with a lick of common sense, not an entitled out of touch corrupt idiot who is hell-bent on selling off our public lands to his cronies. First the Panorama debacle and then the fire trail boondoggle….

    Also— Vote out that moron Dale Hoffman ! yeah I know he is a retired aerospace engineer and probably used to be smart but I know for a fact the was one of the worst ever PVE planning commissioners- ever (well OK maybe Ms Coffey was down there … and there was Chang too, and Thomas, oh wait…. getting off topic) . In fact one the best and brightest other commissioners simply walked away after months of abuse and incompetence by Hoffman when he was chairman. If Hoffman is only half as clueless as a PVHOA member as he was commissioner then that organization is is BIG trouble !!!

    Make PVE great again !

  41. Is this “new” city council so married to the old one that they can’t take out the trash left behind? That trash is Tony Dahlerbruch, everyone, in case you didn’t realize it. He has cost our fine city a fortune in legal bills from the lost cause of the invalid Parkland litigation and keeps employing inept underlings like Jeff Kepley at the police department. And I don’t care about how ugly people says is Michelle Dahlerbruch or the horrible things people say about Max Dahlerbruch getting Tony’s retarded genes! That should NOT be said and I won’t tolerate hearing anymore of it.

    Dahlerbruch Max PVE July 4th 2015

  42. Seen this past Sunday at La Venta: beady eyed Tony Dahlerbruch and his face-should-be-covered-with-veil wife Michele Dahlerbruch hiding in the corner of the room, with not a long line of residents looking to consort with the local King of Corruption. Astounding he would show his own face after backing the appeal of the Lugliani parkland case, all to the benefit of his buddy Christi Hogin.

    1. I saw them as well. I was also surprised that Tony would go out and co-mingle with the people he is scamming. This is chutzpah. All I can say is Tony, Lieb, and Hogin must have done the calculations and concluded they can make a bundle from the sale of parklands. I did the calculation and I agree with them.

      I know Michelle is ugly. I’m sure this hasn’t escaped Michelle. No need to harp on this. It isn’t relevant to the threat to parkland.

  43. Why do the City Council and the Homeowners Association feel so empowered as to take our open public lands and give it to their crony favored class ??? First basically selling public land to a rich homeowner and then taking open land around a fire trail to increase a crony’s backyard. After being slapped down by a Judge the HOA is taking YOUR money and fighting it and the City is taking YOUR taxpayer money to fight it — and in both cases YOUR money is being used to hurt YOU !!!

    The spineless council I get, they have no accountability to the non-voting old codgers of PVE, feel empowered to stick the retread bum Rea back on knowing there’d be no backlash. The HOA i get too – without a quorum there has not been an HOA election in 30 years and the self perpetuating elite keep appointing themselves. Rise up PVE —-vote these SOBs out now. Wasting our money on an appeal is a fiduciary fraud is worth a recall !!!! and dis-bar Hogin or at least fire the incompetent idiot just like they did in Malibu under similar circumstances. The fact that the majority of council members are lawyers and they are going along with this scam – maybe they should be dis-barred too.

  44. re. Palos Verdes Homes Association will appeal ruling on land swap

    WTF is wrong with the people at the homes association ???

    First offering to pay for favored residents to take over open space and move the fire trail; now this: more paying for private people to annex city open space land. In both cases the PVHA has voted to take our land and give it to a preferred class !!!!

    Impeach the PVHA Board

    1. Art Jury – I used to be perplexed as to “WTF is wrong” with people like Tony Dahlerbruch, Cristi Hogin, Jeff Kepley and the PVHA. Yet, the explanation is rather simple – there is no mechanism in place to impede, much less stop, their breach of fiduciary duty to the residents. The City Council remains perpetually composed of a rotating cadre of loyal buddies … loyal to EACH OTHER and not to the City’s residents as a whole. You don’t get invited or welcomed into the City Council until the incumbents KNOW you are on their team. See what happened when Sheryl Iannitti, a youngish, vanguard outsider wanted to volunteer her time for free to the City as a new council member (click here). To make damn sure this didn’t happen, PVE Planning Commission head (and thus close friend to the Council incumbents) George “Child Molester Defender” Bird got recruited to join Jim “the Zombie” Goodhart to defeat the 29 year old interloper. With Bird and Goodhart’s name recognition high amongst the elderly voters that dominate the PVE polls, Iannitti didn’t have a prayer (click here). Now, the “new City Council” has been stocked again with buddies of the old City Council and City management (click here and notice when the incumbents approve of the “newcomers” there is no election contest like with Iannitti; in fact, they just cancel the election altogether). So, the right thing, the moral and logical reasonable decisions, are not being made. This, unfortunately, has little chance of changing.

  45. Can anyone tell me why the PVHA would appeal the LA Superior Court Decision, which was actually decided in favor of its own PVE residents?
    Can anyone explain to me why PVE City Council has not committed to accepting the verdict of the LA Superior Court Decision?
    Why are members of City Council and the PVHA willing to further sully their reputations for the deal with the Lugliani’s? The Court has already deemed it corrupt. What is in it for these characters? Why are so many people playing along with this? $$$$$$$$?

    1. The “why” is known in circles. Its not about the Luglianis per se. Sure they’re paying people off to get parkland. Tony and Christi have a nice little arrangement. But the big picture is the precedence of selling parkland. There is a fortune in parkland in PVE. They intend to sell it off in time using the precedence from the Lugliani scam. Realize that with every sale of this nature there are commissions and backroom deals.

  46. Tony Dahlerbruch in two brief years has become the worst City Manager in the South Bay. He is dishonest, incompetent, and entirely corrupt. He only got the job because he reportedly cut an unholy deal with City Attorney Christi Hogin – you get me the job and I make sure you never get fired.

    Tony D captures all that is wrong with the worst of public servants in this country. He is overpaid, underqualified, and protected by a moat filled with similarly corrupt crocodiles. His daughter Katie Dahlerbruch should be ashamed at how her father pays her UCLA tuition bills – by screwing taxpayers day in, and day out.

  47. No comments on this ?? Have PVE residents just given up after the council rammed home the retread Rea, knowing that residents are beat down and won’t care. Well they do…

    Another guy that moves into town in 2011 and starts throwing money around to enrich himself at the expense of others who have lived here previously. His fence is around 30 feet into the parklands, up against the trail. He felt emboldened when Bird was on the Council and a judge lived on
    Paseo Del Sol who wanted access to the trail restricted…..

    How on earth the City Manager and City Attorney let this application get this far is appalling. Mr. D’Angelo and his neighbors all have fences well into the parklands and should not have been allowed to propose to modify a long-standing road/trail to give them more buffer from their illegal encroachments. A Code-enforcement should have been the direction and they need to initiate one immediately. If Tony and Chirsti had learned anything from their recent court defeat is that the parklands belong to the residents and should not be compromised to placate selfish desires of individual property owners. Fire them both before the city is
    ill-advised and sued once again.

    And now I read the Homes Association would pay for this- more you now whats that do not give a darn about the common guy juts use our dues money to enrich their buddy.

  48. I was at a dinner party this past weekend and the conversation turned toward politics. Yeah, Trump was a big subject but then someone mentioned local manager Tony Dahlerbruch and how he was considered the worst in PVE history. I heard a lot of commentary on his being unqualified for the job, but this website really filled in the blanks on his corrupt support of illicit acts by his own people and others. Thank you, Ankur!

  49. The City needs to get back to the concept that the people own it not the CM, City Attorney and politicians. It is quite simple then — all you do is figure out what the right thing to do is and what the people want.

    The people want a safe City
    The people want a fire department that responds within a few (3 ½) minutes when they have a problem
    The people want the City to never sell public property
    The people want the City to not have its trees obstruct their views.
    The people want the City to be run efficiently at the minimum cost (which is probably way more than you would think is appropriate but such is life)
    MOST PEOPLE want the City and HOA to establish rules for on-property trees and hedges but this is very difficult. My view is that no tree in a view dominant area should be more than 4-6 ft above the ridge line. Hedges should be 6’ or lower if they block views

  50. It is no secret that Tony is a sleazy vulgar guy and Christi and Bird are no less repugnant. While they may have a history of questionable dealings and deceit, the personal accusations are inappropriate. I am not interested in knowing whether Tony is a convicted pedophile. Or whether Christi is a slut. Or whether the gravitational pull of mrs Bird is a stronger determinant of the tides than the moon. Let’s stick to the issues people.

    1. Mr./Ms. Blunt is right about this. The site content will continue to focus on the professional malfeasance of Tony Dahlerbruch (corrupt and inept city manager), Christi Hogin (dishonest lawyer who reportedly got family friend Tony hired to protect her own tenure in PVE) and George Bird (admitted child molester defender and supporter of invalid acts against PVE residents). As the 1st Amendment protects individual commentary on things like the gravitational pull of Karen Bird on Malaga Cove tides, people will continue to make such remarks as they so desire.

  51. The smoking guns section of that PVOpenspace website is nothing short of mindboggling. Holy crookedness! There is NO WAY one can read the court submitted evidence found during discovery and conclude that George Bird and Christi Hogin, along with that zombie Jim Goodhart (more like Badsoul) and John Rea, did not engage in blatant attempt to hide their (knowingly?) illegal acts. No wonder the judge was so outraged at Dahlerbruch and his cronies! Shame on you Tony D and Christi Ho.

  52. This is basically taking of public land and selling it to a private resident . This was more than ill conceived, it was an unethical, now ruled illegal, crony back room deal that has now been exposed by the courts. The council was advised during the proceedings that its position was very weak and would lose in court and the city should quietly settle this and make it go away but the arrogant lawyers (which occupy 4 of the 5 seats !!!!) on the council plus the incompetent corrupt city attorney did not take that advice. On top of that they brought back onto the council John Rea – another attorney – who was instrumental in the original behind-the-public’s back deal !!!!! Every one involved in his boondogle should be fired immediately !!!- City Attorney and City Manager, and the idiot council members recalled. But this is PVE and trust me nobody really cares so these bozos stay in office. Someone should probably check the Lugliani political donations to PVE council members while they’re at it.

  53. City employees who fail to perform their duty to enforce City Codes must be held accountable. However, I believe that City Council members are ultimately responsible and should be held accountable. City Council passed the code which prohibits leaving animal food on City park lands. City Council is aware that animal food continues to be left on City property. City Council is aware that their employees will not enforce the code. City Council can direct City Department heads to see that codes are enforced. Dept. heads who refuse to enforce the code can be dismissed for insubordination and failure to perform the duties of their jobs. Apparently, City Council has not ordered that this [animal food – feral cat] code be enforced and that is the underlying reason that no one enforces the code. Get the Council Members to act forcefully and responsibly and the problem might be solved.

  54. In case anyone is in the dark on how Tony Dahlerbruch got and keeps his job, let me help. Per insiders at PVE City Hall, “Tony D” had his shameless adulterer buddy Christi Hogin grease the skids for him to get in the position, and they blow each other (figuratively speaking, at least) to maintain that power. The PVE Porker, George Bird, was pretty much in on the gag. The move the City needs to see is a one-two punch of Dahlerbruch-Hogin being dismissed. When the City loses the Parklands litigation conjured up by Ho-gin, and we all count how much her unethical and seemingly illegal ways cost us all, the City Council really just has to fire her. Then the domino hits Tony D square on his backside. Adios, loser.

    1. May 29th is the date of the next hearing in the landswap trial. It is amazing to see the “smoking guns” section of the pveopenspace.com website and how unethical/illegal Hogin was/is. It is not sensationalized and simply reports items from Public Record Requests. How the residents of PVE have not risen up against these two is ridiculous. We have a new Council and hopefully will follow with new Counsel.

      1. “Marvin”/JH/RH (the Tor IP address didn’t throw me) – there are several problems that de-link the overall PVE community from the “rising up” you see as fitting. First of all, PVE’s average age is not youthful, to say the least. This aged community lacks the energy, assertiveness and simple awareness of the facts that is required for an uprising of any kind (see John Rea waltzing back into a council seat). Secondly, it’s obvious to anyone that who either a) has met this arrogant guy John Harbison or b) has the basic understanding that his own property is really the only one in PVE that has material risk of view obstruction from the parkland sale that his primary, driving motive is not to help all of us maintain parklands. To his effort’s credit, reversing the Lugliani sale would deliver that benefit, but he showed up to fight this case to save his view from a home going up down the road, literally and figuratively. It’s entertaining how many people seem to fallen for his “save the trees” shtick – I wonder if they have seen the view in front of his house right onto the parkland that got sold. It’s a shame the battle isn’t being fought by someone more legitimate (read: less full of sh*t) and lacking this ulterior motive, as he’s an easy target for the corrupt duo of Hogin and Dahlerbruch as a result.

  55. When the cops in Gardena do drug busts they [SITE EDIT: allegedly according to a source have found] George Bird’s card. Yes, this “little” sweetheart and Mayor of PVE defends the drug dealers. My guess is that his part time job is helpful in getting new drug-dealer clients!

  56. I just had to post on this site because of something someone in PVE said about Tony Dahlerbruch, and I didn’t like it. Just because I have heard dozens of PV residents moan and groan about how incapable and corrupt and inept TD is as city manager, I do understand the widespread frustration. That doesn’t give some people the right to say that Dahlerbruch’s corrupt actions over his career were punished by God by making Max Dahlerbruch massively retarded. Someone even said at a party, shockingly, “That’s what the guy gets for spitting in the face of the Jewish religion by being such a dishonest a-hole!” Who says something like that? I don’t like who the city hired, and I realize the sentiment is widespread, but that crosses the line.

      1. how can i contact you regarding your very commendable save pve wall of shame, etc work? Naturally I am very concerned about the city’s ability to act in a retaliatory manner and my new motto seems to be the old saying, “… just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get me….” Sounds ridiculous to read and is embarrassing for me to write. Still, I live in this very small town and ….???

  57. OK I am going to be simple and clear here, folks. Tony Dahlerbruch is the worst city manager ever to walk the streets of 90274. I have heard from people in Rolling Hills they were thrilled to be rid of him and all his retardation. “Total ineptitude and bad judgment” – that is a quote! I read about his relationship with that strumpet Christi Hogin and wonder how much the two of them have cost the City in the Via Panorama fiasco.

  58. John Harbison on PVE’s Fighting OpenSpace under Tony Dahlerbruch:

    “This transaction is unprecedented — the first time since the founding of Palos Verdes Estates 90 years ago that parkland has been sold to a private individual thus reducing the amount of open space in PVE. As such, it violates the CC&Rs, MOU and Deed which all require maintenance of the property as open space in perpetuity. Further, the property owners had previously, without ownership or permit, constructed their own private “playground” on the public property. Now, by the 2012 transaction and the current rezoning attempt, they are trying to convert that “playground” on public land into a personally owned “playground,” with conceivably the ability to bar public access by that ownership and zoning. There is no good faith, justifiable, legal basis to rezone from OS (Open Space) to R-1 (Single Family Residential) and it would be a breach of the public trust and fiduciary duties if our City Councilmembers approve the rezoning at the hearing on March 12th.” (Source: http://www.pveopenspace.com/Comments.html)
    — John Harbison

  59. Among the many sorry, perhaps even pathetic, elements in play here is the shockingly apparent failure by the city council in PVE to rein in its wayward city manager, redirecting their souless management-bot to ensure that, at minimum, it would appear that he just might give a sh*t about his job or his constituency. Unmitigated failure and blatant ineptitude should not be rewarded with continued employment.

    There once was a man named Tony D
    A fatuous blowhard from the Ole PVE
    The citizens would sneer
    Whenever Tony came near
    Impeachment would make me happy

  60. By now, odds are high if you live in PVE you’ve heard about this charlatan Tony Dahlerbruch. How can’t the City hire anyone but a useless, pencil pushing technocrat? He is despised by many of us, and not just because he is boss. However, I do not like when people make fun of his wife – saying she is hideous behind his back is not cool.

    1. Ed V,

      No, it is not nice AT ALL for people to cast aspersions about the appearance of Michele Dahlerbruch , especially when unlike Karen Bird’s obesity there is nothing she can do about it. One could actually say Tony Dahlerbruch deserves credit for selecting a life partner based on non-superficial traits, like her being nice or having a super personality. SHAME on anyone calling Michele Dahlerbruch “hideous”!!!

      Michele Dahlerbruch-hideous?

  61. In my opinion, Tony D has proven himself inept and prejudicial. His role within the PVE community has proven that the Peter Principle can be circumvented when those charged with the care and safety of a town’s constituency are either indifferent or ineffective. This is a sad, sad state of affairs.

  62. Things are going from bad under Tony Dahlerbruch to worse. I got some feedback from the last City Council meeting and the word is he and Christi Ho(gin) just steamrolled fairness and due process on the parkland matter. I can only wonder if Tony is ripe for taking his potentially corrupt behavior into criminal territory.

  63. I find it highly disturbing that there were approximately 70-75 applicants who applied for the position of PVE City Manger.

    Superb candidates from all over CA and the entire US.

    However, I am almost certain that no one other than Tony D was invited for an interview.

    Tony is a City Manager from a gated community on the PVE Peninsula. How much experience could he possibly bring to the table?

    The entire hiring process was a charade, The PVE City Counsel wanted Tony in the position and they made it look like they went through a fair hiring process, but they certainly did not.

    There were much more qualified individuals that submitted brilliant resumes, but they were not even offered an interview. I wonder how many candidates were actually interviewed other than Tony?

    This is classic “Good Ole Boy” cronyism. Tony knows how things work on the PV Peninsula so the council thought he would be a good fit for their “Wink and Nod” way of doing business. They couldn’t dare have a professional intelligent “outsider” come into their midst and start cleaning house.

    PVE politics is based on quid pro quo. People who are honest and ethical don’t stand a chance against the small town corruption of a bunch of people drunk on their own power. They are all just big fish in a very small pond.

    I am disgusted by the City Counsel and there needs to be some major change.

    Keep up the good work.

  64. In my opinion, since George Bird is on the PVE City Counsel, I believe he and the other counsel members have a strong influence over the PVE Police Department.

    Bird is a defense attorney who has represented clients being prosecuted by the PVE Police Department.

    In my opinion, this is a clear conflict of interest. Do the people who hire Bird believe that he can put political pressure on the PD and influence the outcome of their case?

  65. Yeah, no doubt in my mind about this PVE City Council, and George Bird is the worst of the bunch. Like I saw on another post, if he’s getting paid by an accused criminal, he’ll work for that person. But, when someone is the victim of another criminal and that someone lives in PVE where Bird is supposed to be helping us all out, Bird flies away without any shame or care. Funny thing is that he probably thinks of himself as such a great guy, serving on the Council and all. Reality is that he probably only does it so that he can tell prospective clients, “Yeah, I was Mayor of PVE and am on council — I’ve got all the right connections to represent you and get you off for the crimes you committed.” Meanwhile, the residents who aren’t his paying clients get the shaft.

    1. BINGO re George Bird. This guy seems to make in living in part by pleading down charges against his child molester client(s), per his own comments to the media just a week ago: http://wavenewspapers.com/news/local/northeast_edition/article_740a4fa4-69df-11e3-8691-001a4bcf6878.html

      [SITE COMMENTARY BEGIN: Jonathan Adam Roldan, George Bird’s client, has pleaded not guilty Tuesday to sex-related counts involving two 15-year-old girls, but his attorney George Bird indicated that a plea deal was in the offing. More to the story: http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2013/12/16/east-la-volleyball-coach-accused-of-sex-with-female-student/ [SITE COMMENTARY END]

      This is the kind of garbage we have in PVE on our City Council? George Bird’s value added to the world is reducing the sentences of adults who [SITE MODIFICATION]
      are accused of] engag[ing] in our own community with our own children in “unlawful sexual intercourse, oral copulation of a person under 16 and sexual penetration by a foreign object”??????!!!!! Bird himself apparently admitted that his client is a criminal – “… admitted his involvement in inappropriate conduct with two students. ”

      [SITE COMMENTARY BEGIN: Jonathan Adam Roldan, George Bird’s client, it should be mentioned again has pleaded not guilty to sex-related counts involving two 15-year-old girls. As for George Bird “admitting that his client is a criminal,” Bird’s language to which the commentator seems to be referring is as follows: “The police have already interviewed all of the witnesses, including the defendant. My client admitted to the officers his involvement. This is not a case where there is some controversy as to the facts. We’ll all be putting our heads together to come up with the appropriate punishment,” defense attorney George F. Bird Jr. said after the hearing.” Again, more information at http://abclocal.go.com/kabc/story?section=news/local/los_angeles&id=9363476 [SITE COMMENTARY END]


  66. It was hard to see the word integrity anywhere near Christi Hogin’s name. I found myself at a holiday party this week when her name comes up and some not so nice things about her begin to get bounced around. One guy says, “You heard about how she got with Jenkins, right? She was cheating on her then-husband in affair with Jenkins before Jenkins became Mr. Hogin!” Anyone able to confirm this is true? All I could find on how they met was in LA Business Journal (“For 22 years, attorney Michael Jenkins, 59, worked at downtown L.A. law firm Richards Watson & Gershon. In fact, that’s where he met his attorney wife, Christi Hogin, 50. But because he lived in Manhattan Beach, he endured a tedious daily commute.”

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