The City Council That Hired Tony Dahlerbruch

All Councilpersons Who Hired
Tony Dahlerbruch Terminated from PVE Government Positions
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Why Can’t the City Council Get it Right?  PVE endured the departure of FOUR City Managers in SEVEN Years despite $200,000+/year City Manager salary.

PVE City Council - JG GFBjr JR
PVE City Councilmembers Goodhart, Bird & Rea:
shameless approved illegal acts against PVE residents

Corruption of Tony Dahlerbruch, Christi Hogin & George Bird (click hyperlink)

PVE Employees Shockingly-High Compensation (click hyperlink)

Tony Dahlerbruch Can Be Terminated with Six Months SeveranceFortunately, the PVE City Council wisely negotiated this term in Tony Dahlerbruch’s employment contract dated May 2013.

Hawthorne Fires City Manager; Dahlerbruch Next? (click hyperlink)

NEWS FLASH:  Tony Dahlerbruch Termination Reviewed by PVE City Council?



 PVE GFBjr Wincing 07-11-2013 - Cropped
George Bird
(Victory for PVE!  Governor Brown Shipped the Conflicted Scumbag down to Torrance in 04/2015)
(full post dedicated to this defender of child molesters forthcoming)

Listen to George Bird Commending Ultra Vires/Illegal Acts Against PVE Residents (turn volume all the way up):

EP Distant 4
Ellen Perkins
(Victory for PVE!  TERMINATED as Council member 03/2015)

PVE RH Grimace 07-11-2013 - Cropped
Rosemary Humphrey
(Victory for PVE!  TERMINATED as Council member 03/2015)

 PVE JR 07-11-2013 - Cropped
John Rea
(Victory for PVE!  TERMINATED as Council member 03/2015
Victory for PVE!  OUSTED as PVE Govt. Official 03/2017)

PVE JG 07-11-2013 - Cropped
Jim Goodhart
(Victory for PVE!  OUSTED as Councilman 03/2017
This Zombie had been the only vestige remaining of the inept crew of fools)

ULTRA VIRES:  def. – a Latin phrase meaning “beyond the powers”.  If an act requires legal authority and it is done with such authority, it is characterised in law as intra vires (“within the powers”). If it is done without such authority, it is ultra vires. Acts that are intra vires may equivalently be termed “valid” and those that are ultra vires “invalid”.

 This web page and related posts and commentary represent both facts and opinions of the Coalition to Save PVE from Tony Dahlerbruch, himself and the PVE City Council public figures, as protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  Comments made by third parties represent their own representations of facts and own opinions.

16 thoughts on “The City Council That Hired Tony Dahlerbruch

  1. Yeah, I’ve heard the part about Karen Bird divorcing George Bird and taking the law firm from him, and that the former Mayor McLiar got hosed and has to drive downtown LA vs. Torrance expectation. I also heard the divorce was a real shit show, with George Bird telling people he wanted to downsize by selling their house on Via Del Monte but in reality Karen Bird was feathering her ex big time and he needed to sell. There is some other very messy stuff out there in the rumor mill as well about infidelity and some stuff about his sons’ preference being handed down genetically from Daddy. This couldn’t happen to a worse guy, and I mean the biggest two faced lying wannabe politician in the history of PVE. No sympathy here for that round tub of lard.

    1. [NOTE FROM SITE: Due to the site’s inability to confirm the validity of various serious allegations against George Bird, parts of the comment below have been redacted. Statements that instead are expressions of opinion remain intact.]

      I wanted to confirm this post. George was [REDACTED] on Karen before the divorce. He applied and became a judge so he did not have to [REDACTED] Karen support. He knew that once he became a judge he could no longer practice law and he could give the firm to Karen in exchange for [REDACTED]. Life is only about him and that is all he cares about. His children only call him if they need [REDACTED]. Wonder why. Karma is a bitch and always comes back to bite you.

      1. [NOTE FROM SITE: Due to the site’s inability to confirm the validity of various serious allegations against George Bird and Doreen Boxer, parts of the comment below have been redacted. Statements that instead are expressions of opinion remain intact. These links may prove informative:;; ]

        Not sure if anybody cares, but George is renting a one bedroom house is Redondo. He has a [REDACTED], Doreen Boxer who is a family law commissioner in Norwalk. She was the head of the Public Defender’s office for San Bernardino. While head PD she had a [REDACTED] with the DA Mark Ramos. She was called in to a closed door meeting with city officials and told to end the [REDACTED] but she did not. So she was told to either [REDACTED] or she would be [REDACTED] as this was a huge conflict of interest and the city was afraid of facing [REDACTED]. She chose to quit and went into private practice. Her husband [REDACTED] her. She applied and became a commissioner with the LA Court and received the least amount of [REDACTED]. Even better, she has an 18 year old child that she [REDACTED] (he lives alone in Orange County) to go [REDACTED] with George sleaze Bird . What mother does that. What does this tell you. Sleaze and disgusting are attracted to sleaze and disgusting. Makes sense that George, piece of shit, Bird has a [REDACTED] that is just as disgusting as he his. All of this information can be verified by a simple google search.

  2. [NOTE FROM SITE: In order to attempt to confirm the factual parts relating to George Bird’s purported financial demise in the comment below, the Coalition at 9:25 a.m. on January 7th contacted the only known working phone number for Karen Bird, instructing her via the Bird & Bird receptionist to read this comment and inform us if anything required correction. Karen Bird’s Facebook page ( still states she lives in PVE, contradicting the comment. Readers of this comment below should consider the statement of George Bird being “broke” and “living above a garage” to be unconfirmed and treated as such until the Coalition can confirm this information, as we have that Karen Bird did indeed divorce George Bird.]

    George Bird update…

    George and Karen Bird are divorced. Karen totally owns the law firm. She lives in Torrance. Apparently after a lifetime of over extravagance, dramatically lower wages as a judge, and a costly divorce, George is broke and is living in a small guest room above a cheap garage somewhere on the peninsula. George is apparently a terrible judge, a horrible egomaniac, and the court staff, lawyers, and other judges hate him.

    Feel free to check this out with your own sources but it is all true.

  3. I guess it was plain ol’ good luck for PVE that Gov. Jerry Brown’s staff was not in the mood to do its due diligence the day they yanked George Bird out of our city’s political system and stuck Torrance with Judge McCheese. I mean seriously? How funny is it that a guy so many consider the most mendacious man to say “I Do” to an orca would wear a judge’s gown?

  4. I just can’t keep my mouth shut any longer. Tony Dahlerbruch is pure corrupt trash. George Bird is simply a slicker, scummier version. Don’t get me started on Christi Hogin. Do people not realize how these three have been engaged in ravaging the city of its money in these lawsuits and horrible decisions?

  5. You gotta laugh that that blubber packed excuse for a human being, George Bird, is now a judge. Just think about it – this husband of a whale-woman, father of two proud homosexuals (as they should be, of course), and in my view the most dishonest UNJUST man ever to be PVE Mayor is now in charge of JUSTICE for the State????!!!??? Good news is he’s gone from Palos Verdes Estates government, and now has to sit in a courtroom adjudicating losers all day. Judge Bird – it’s like Judge Muammar Gaddafi!

  6. Since George Bird defends drug dealers and gang bangers (usually both – Drug Dealer and Gang Banger) how is it that he can get paid? If the money for payment comes from illegal activities (the only kind of activities that these criminals participate in) then cannot be used to pay a lawyer. Is anyone checking on where this scum-bag’s scum-bag clients get/got the money?

    Now that he is going to be a judge (go figure!) … will his wife continue to defend drug dealers, rapists, child molesters, and gang bangers?

  7. I am a PVE resident. My daughter is a teacher at the Peninsula High School. Early in September she received 4 terrorist threats and at 5 after midnight I received one. The caller told me he was going to rape my daughter (and other WORSE things). With great effort the PVE Detectives identified the blocked call, arrested the caller and booked him and began prosecution. My daughter, of course, was very upset and filed for a restraining order to keep this kid, already on probation at the High School for a weapons violation (I’ve been told), 150′ away from her.

    The day before the hearing the lawyer representing this dangerous criminal who wanted to rape my daughter called me – George Bird. Yes, the very person who has direct management responsibility for the PD including the Chief and Detectives, is REPRESENTING THIS CRIMINAL. If you can find a worse direct real conflict of interest, or worse conduct by a City Councilman, I encourage you to post it.

    I think about that call EVERY DAY and I will for the rest of my life. I don’t wish anyone to threaten Councilman Bird but I do wish there was some way I could cause him to understand how very wrong he is and how much this is in direct conflict with the views of the residents and FATHERS in PVE.

    Name Withheld – he knows who I am! That is not of consequence – his actions are what matters. Is this the best we can do for our City Council – god help us!

    1. Assessing George Bird’s character does not even require being exposed to his duplicitous, over-promising/under-delivering proclivities. Just ask yourself this: “If I became a lawyer, would it be even possible for me, purely for the sake of making a buck, to ally myself with a client who wanted me to help him get off for committing the crime of molesting one of my neighbor’s children, or murdering one of my neighbor’s wife, or any other heinous crime against innocent victims who live on a neighboring street?” Indeed, that is the kind of man who is George Bird, and it is this conflicted, gluttonous miscreant our fine city of PVE has called Mayor or councilman.

    2. So, it would appear that Mr. George Bird the attorney is ‘feathering his own nest’ at the cost of the PVE taxpayers. How can he live with himself? How can this lawyer even properly defend the criminals being prosecuted by the City as he has real conflicts of interest both on the City side and in defending the criminal.

      If he needs the money that badly (perhaps) he should resign! The people of PVE would be better off and even the terrorists and criminals he ‘defends.’

      People that know him should encourage him to do the right thing!

  8. John Harbison on PVE City Council Shameful Behavior:

    “… they … once again, blatantly violate the public trust by issuing the draft on a Friday when the period of public comment ended the day BEFORE. I have told City Council many times on the record that that is a terrible process, and I intend to say so again on Tuesday quite forcibly making reference to my previous speeches and memos to City Council on that subject. Shame on them.
    They seem committed to ramming this through without public opposition and without the documentation of the proceedings on their website including any written criticism from the public. I think we need to show up in force and speak out against this abuse of power. I plan to alert Mary Scott of the Peninsula News that this is a story she should consider covering.”
    – John Harbison (05/24/2014)

  9. For an unpaid position, sometimes gained with no opposition, the PVE City Council Members give the impression that they have a very high opinion of themselves.

    “But hard it is to learn the mind of any mortal, or the heart, til he be tried in chief authority.” “Power shows the man.”
    Sophocles (from “Antigone”)

  10. I know this George Bird and have run into him at the Torrance Courthouse when I’ve been there on legal business. Here’s the bottom line – the guy is a scumbag who defends highly probable [statistically speaking] criminals for money. Yet, as PVE Mayor or councilman he barely was willing to lift a finger to help a PVE resident witnessed to have been assaulted by a confessed trespasser from Santa Monica who wasn’t even a US citizen and committed more crimes in a 10 minute period than I’d bet most of his own criminal clients. Making all worse this George Bird further discovers that Tony Dahlerbruch is obstructing the enforcement of the Muni Code against this same assault victim, and does nothing to fix it all. HORRIBLE GUY. PERIOD.

  11. Paul – the Coalition learned this morning that George Bird found the photo of himself to be “unflattering” (there is only so much a photographer can do) and also that a reference to his and his wife’s weight as “inappropriate.” Since “inappropriate” is defined in Webster’s as “not fitting,” we thought it only fair to the Birds to allow viewers to make their own determination from a recent photo of Mr. and Mrs. Bird together, rather than have to rely entirely on your own depiction. We hope George Bird appreciates the extra effort being made by the Coalition to allow him, and any other PVE City Councilmember or Tony Dahlerbruch himself, the opportunity to defend their actions and inactions, decisions and indecisions.

  12. I kinda want to cut George Bird some slack, even if he is known by many as the worst actor amongst this horrible Council. I mean, really, I am a huge supporter of gay rights, gay marriage, and think people shouldn’t care if someone is gay or straight, but can you imagine how hard it must be to have two sons and they both turn out gay? As a father, that must be devastating, plus when combined with his own and wife’s obesity and his resulting heart attacks, it’s a wonder he can get out of bed in the morning.

    “Our family is just ridiculous,” Hunter agreed. “When you have two criminal law parents and two gay sons — I mean the Bird house is definitely a hysterical, crazy, crazy household …”

    Karen & George Bird
    Karen & George Bird (fit-ting or unfit-ting?)

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