Supporters of PVEPD Sued for Racism, Anti-Semitism & Civil Rights Violations

Initial List of PVE Residents Allegedly Supporting a Police Dept. sued for Racism, Anti-Semitism, and Civil Rights Violations:


Semitekol Sarah Walking - Annotated

Sarah Semitekol:  Despite receiving myriad, documented reports of Sarah Semitekol’s malicious acts of deceit, Audrey Lowman brought back into the neighborhood this troubled housekeeper after Semitekol reported having a “nervous breakdown” when unable to obtain alternative employment.  Mentally unstable and doctor treated Semitekol had been fired by Lowman in early 2018 following being forced to confess her deceit, through evidence provided to Lowman, following a long string of dishonest acts designed to cause harm to a third party.  Semitekol could have faced up to six months in a county jail after committing the crime herself of making a false report of a crime to the PVEPD in October 2017.   Sarah Semitekol, a senior citizen never married and charged with cleaning an aging house at the age of 66, would be worthy of pity if not for her mendacious proclivity that led to her termination by Lowman.  That this seemingly pathologically dishonest and malicious woman remains employed by Audrey Lowman is a testament to Mrs. Lowman’s own character.

Sanders Jill Bathroom Selfie - Cropped & Annotated

Jill Sanders:  Where does one start with this quickly aging mess of a mother and human.  Well, we don’t want to back or deflect any stories one may have heard of issues with alcohol, or that her art gallery is swimming in red ink as only a few fools remain to overpay wildly for run-of-the-mill pier photographs blown up into tacky frames.  Who knows if that is true?  If so, how sad, we think.  This, however, is how this proud mother and PVE resident communicates on social media with her neighbors ((yes, she is the perfect role model):

Sanders Jill Souzan Bitch Reply 06-26-2018

The person thanking her was Parvin Jensen (featured on the Glenn Tanner page).  Sure, Peasant Jensen is thanking Jill on June 26, 2018, but have a look at what she sent about Jill Sanders to a mere stranger only 3 months earlier:

Sanders Jill Son Whisky Parvin Jensen 03-25-2018

Parke Alex Torrance Beach Ramp 12-31-2015 - Annotated

Alex Parke:  In his 30s, Alex reportedly has placed an Uber sticker on his rear window while still living at home with Mommy and Daddy.  It appears he has worked as a “school aide” with the Paramount School District, but that job may have terminated.  All of this may leave a person with endless free time (when not driving others) and a need for purpose in life – and thus Alex Parke perhaps being unwittingly used as a tool by the unionized PVEPD to censor speech on  The Coalition does not want Alex struggling to find someone of the opposite sex with whom to develop a long term (or perhaps even short-term) relationship.  It is our view that Alex Parke finding a job, moving out from his parents’ house, and becoming occupied with work and relationships with other humans (offline) may assist his overall happiness.  Anyone who knows of a manual labor job that may be available for Alex Parke is asked to post the job opening in the Comment section here at the Coalition. Please see photo for assistance in understanding why all of this may be a problem.  If photo does not load, click here.

COMING SOON:  Steve Friedrich Exposé
Friedrich Steve Fireworks Interview 07-04-2017 - Annotated

Gorsuch Valerie MCHA Holiday Party 2010 - Cropped & AnnotatedValerie Gorsuch

Valerie Gorsuch of Palos Verdes Estates must be proud as the mother of Edward Gorsuch, Jr., producer and/or writer of countless films and shows including Sexual Limits, Young Girls Do, Naked & Nasty, Scandalous Sex, The Extreme Truth, Lustful Cravings, Insatiable Lust, Lust Sessions, Busty Housewives, Kinky Pleasures, Naked Sins, Sexual Cravings, Sexual Retreat, Sexual Retreat 2, Sexual Revenge, Sexual Needs, Busty Co-eds, Busty Models, Carnal Cravings, Shameless Co-eds, Young and Tempting, Insatiable Needs, The Sex Spa II – Body Work, Reality Sex, Sexual Indiscretion, Private Sex Club, Young and Seductive, Candid Sex, Naked and Betrayed, Bare Sex, Illicit Sins, Insatiable Desires, Naked Passions, Naked Pleasures, Voyeurs Sex Club, Sinful Desires, The Best Sex Ever, Sexy Urban Legends, Erotic Obsessions, Carnal Passion, Carnal Sins, and Personals II:  Casual  Valerie Gorsuch (along with Steve Friedrich) applauded the infamous “Venom Speech” by PVE Councilman Sandy Davidson on April 9, 2018 (click here).  Valerie Gorsuch in 2017-2018 also serves on the Advisory Board of the Malaga Cove Homeowners Association alongside Vice President Valerie Beranek.

COMING SOON:  Marian Kleinman

COMING SOON:  Suzy Bryan

COMING SOON:  Jill Oliver

COMING SOON:  Vanessa Dean

COMING SOON:  Christine Bhagat

COMING SOON:  Marilyn Merrill

COMING SOONDavid Cheatham and Christine Cheatham

COMING SOON:  Michael Forte of LinQuest
Forte Michael Aladdin Norris Theatre 03-17-2013 - Annotated


Nash Savery Beach 12-18-2008 - Cropped & Annotated

COMING SOONPeter Grogan of ADP

COMING SOONJanet and Ian Teague
Teague Janet

COMING SOONMark Young of Finance Adv. Comm.Young Mark PVE Finance Advisory Committee 04-19-2018 - Annotated

Laity Jennifer PVE House - Annotated

Jennifer Laity:  Reportedly a wannabe but failed PVE socialite who lost PVHA (Palos Verdes Homes Assn.) election.  She was not included on the ticket the next time challengers had a chance to run.  If photo does not load, click here.

Wischmann Cheri 10-07-2017 - Annotated

Wischmann Cheri & Jason Divorce Filing 2009

Perhaps the smartest move by a man in his entire life. If photo does not load, click here.

Cheri Wischmann:  Investigation into Cheri Wischmann upgraded to “Priority” on October 4, 2017.  The screenshots below of how Cheri Wischmann has communicated online with her “neighbors” in PVE were posted along with replies on, from where they were downloaded and then E-mailed anonymously to the Coalition.

Weischmann Cheri HB PM on ND 7-30 pm 10-04-2017

Cheri WIschmann, when disapproving of commentary by others, makes false claims of an “attack” and/or “harass[ment]” . After she protested someone curious if she had developed a liking of another NextDoor poster, that poster asked if she would like to meet as a friendly neighbor in person to avoid anything getting “lost in the translation”. Sensing Cheri Wischmann’s apparently unhappy state, this friendly “neighbor” also offered to make his wife available to help things improve for Cheri Wischmann in her own life – “to get things back the way they used to be”. This neighbor also was kind enough to inform Cheri that he had seen an investigation of her had been launched. Finally, this kind neighbor concluded, “Let’s be great neighbors.” The message above was her response. People are wondering if mental stability is an issue. Grammar certainly is a struggle.  If photo does not load, click here.

Weischmann Cheri SMS PM on ND 8 pm 10-04-2017

In late September, Cheri Wischmann posted a reply to David Rice’s NextDoor post (about the ludicrous PVEPD McCrary report) asserting not to be familiar with a certain other (than Rice) NextDoor poster, directly and repeatedly asking him to inform her of his profile. Since Cheri Wischmann signs in from Lunada Bay neighborhood vs. Malaga Cove one, she couldn’t see his profile. Thus, he was kind enough to comply with her explicit request by sending it to her. He also told her she didn’t need to reciprocate as he had Googled her. He then graciously asked her if she wanted to join the Coalition to Save PVE. See screen print above of her reply. Who is the party that is being uncivil and harassing?”  If photo does not load, click here.


Kyle Daniels of Valmonte Neighborhood in Palos Verdes Estates: why does he support a police department with concrete allegations of racism, anti-Semitism and civil rights violations?

Kyle Daniels of Valmonte Neighborhood in Palos Verdes Estates: why does he support a police department with concrete allegations of racism, anti-Semitism and civil rights violations?

Kyle Daniels:  Investigation into Kyle Daniels commenced November 2017 following reports that Daniels was utilizing his trusted authority on to censor speech, with a bias in favor of the PVEPD he supports.  Kyle G. Daniels, attempting a career as a real estate agent (, also utilizes the business name Ericson Beach Real Estate (  Is Dan Ericson, the owner of Ericson Beach, also supportive of this same group composed in part of allegedly highly racist and anti-Jewish officers?  Anyone with information on Kyle Daniels of Palos Verdes Estates is encouraged to contact the Coalition.

Monnie Castleman: Despite being aware of strong allegations of anti-Semitism within the PVEPD, Castleman shamelessly supports that Palos Verdes Estates department.

Monnie Castleman: Despite being aware of strong allegations of anti-Semitism within the PVEPD, Castleman shamelessly supports that Palos Verdes Estates department.


Feller Rob PdM Dog Walking 10-00 am 08-16-2018 - Annotated
Robert (Rob) Feller
:  though there is some compassion for Rob Feller after the start-up hedge fund he marketed (Ocean Peak) failed out of the gate, apparently leaving Feller unemployed for an extended period, Feller’s behavior vis-à-vis the PVEPD has been found reproachable.

Monnie Castleman: this apparently struggling real estate agent with Keller Williams openly supported the PVEPD despite being presented with multiple, lawsuit supported evidence of racism, Anti-Semitism and law non-enforcement.

Elizabeth Glavas: PV High Class of 1989 graduate Beth Glavas openly supported the PVEPD despite being presented with multiple, lawsuit supported evidence of racism, Anti-Semitism and law non-enforcement.

Karen Henry:  Palos Verdes Estates Lunada Bay resident who openly supported the PVEPD despite being presented with multiple, lawsuit supported evidence of racism, Anti-Semitism and law non-enforcement.

Laurie Hawver: resident who openly expressed gratitude for supporters of the PVEPD despite being presented with multiple, lawsuit supported evidence of racism, Anti-Semitism and law non-

20 thoughts on “Supporters of PVEPD Sued for Racism, Anti-Semitism & Civil Rights Violations”

  1. Jennifer Laity! Are you serious?!? I don’t even know where one begins talking about this self-righteous shrew. Someone needs to send her a memo that she’s technically a senior citizen and that physically she looks about 20 years older than her age. Honestly, she looks worse than my grandmother. Does she drink a lot or did she do a lot of drugs eons ago when young? Maybe just not laughing makes someone look really bad. She is angry all the time and just can’t keep her shriveled nose out of others people’s business. Horrible neighbor and I wonder if a racist too.

  2. OMG!!! I know this Michael Forte fool. He is the laughing stalk of our neighborhood. He thinks he has this great singing voice and makes an ass of himself singing the anthem at places where maybe 20 people are in the stands covering their ears! I have defended him when people say his wife is super unattractive because that’s just not nice. I mean, to be honest, really he’s no prize himself.

  3. Valerie Gorsuch and porn? Who ever would have thought that was possible with a face like that!

  4. Oh yeah. Monnie Castleman. Had her kid at Chadwick. I real self entitled, “I have the right to ____________” (fill in the blank) piece of work. People really don’t like her. Not surprised to find her on this website after shooting off at the hip.

  5. OMG! Anyone who was on Paseo del Mar this morning by Haggertys could have seen the funniest thing ever. I know it’s Thanksgiving Day, and all, but I swear I just saw a big ol’ fat turkey desperately trying to keep up with a runner right here on a PVE road.

    So here’s the picture: there’s this really fit guy with a nice stride jogging on this glorious day. That part is normal. Here’s the hysterical part – trying to catch up with him is this fat, disheveled, prematurely balding schlub in flip flops. I think people watching might have thought this pathetic guy was friends with the fit guy, but it was the funniest sight to behold.

    The punchline? The schlub was none other than Alex Parke of PVE infamy! This guy looks like he is 33 going on 50. I mean seriously, how can a guy let himself go so badly so quickly in life? How is he ever going to be in a position to find a life partner, or even move out of his parents’ house, if he doesn’t get his life more together? I am feeling sorry for this guy a bit now, but then I remember, “HEY, IT’S ALEX F’N PARKE!!” and I start to cry laughing again.

    1. Here’s the story on what went down with PVE’s very own Igor (for Young Frankenstein fans). Some guy is jogging by the Beach Club and sees a fat, super ugly sad looking fellow sitting alone on a bench. The runner stops and asks, “Alex Parke?” to which Parke responds, “Yeah. What’s your name?” The runner didn’t seem like having a chit chat at all with Parke, and never said another word after saying, “Good.” Then the runner resumed his jog along the dirt by Hags and then onto Paseo del Mar. What the runner didn’t realize is that this blob on clogs was hobbling after him. I don’t think the jogger ever even realized Parke was flailing around in his wake until a minute or so later when he turned around and saw Parke gasping for air way behind him. If Parke weren’t such a total dick, you’d almost feel sorry for him. But the guys just asks for it, you know what I mean?

      1. The guy really does look like EYE-GORE from Young Frankenstein. I’ve seen him limping around his neighborhood, hobbling his lard here and there and never with another human. He clearly has no friends except his keyboard and perhaps his imaginary friend Steve Barber of the PVEPD. Kinda sad that the PVEPD is using this cretin to try to censor away critical comments on social media. Parke’s the perfect loser to be a mark for the likes of Barber and Velez.

      2. I’m willing to pay at least a G-spot for any video of Alex Parke chasing the jogger who is totally oblivious that this tub o’ lard is behind him. If anyone by chance has some footage, it’s priceless. Then we gotta ask Parke, “Hey loser, what EXACTLY did you plan on doing if you caught up to the guy? Ask him, ‘Hey man, why’d you ask if I was Alex Parke?'”

  6. Alex Parke – the one from Palos Verdes – is far more weird a guy than you realize. He is 33 going on 13 in terms of immaturity. This is the kind of guy who would have pictures of Marvel superheroes still on his bedroom wall. Yes, his bedroom in the house where he was a teenager. That same bedroom that he sleeps in now. There are not many if any friends coming over to hang out with Alex Parke. Not even the [allegedly] racist police officers he shamelessly supports will socialize with him. I almost feel sorry for him. I definitely feel sorry for his dad, Bob Parke. He must be horribly disappointed in his only son. Shannon probably kinda likes having her little boy still hanging around. Better than an empty nest.

    1. Alex Parke’s parents have to be very bummed. Look at the life success of siblings Greg, Bob Jr. and Kristina. Then you have this guy Alex with a car apparently displaying an Uber sticker sitting on Mommy and Daddy’s driveway. At what point does a dad say, “Son, enough of spending hours on keeping people from telling the truth about the Police Dept. It’s time for you to move out and get a self-supporting job!”

  7. Alex Parke is at it again, folks. He’s back sitting on his sofa cushion like butt, staring at his computer screen, taking down Nextdoor neighborhood posts he doesn’t like. Hmmmm – could Alex Parke be using a feigned man’s name (like, say, Feynman, pronounced, “Feign Man”) on Nextdoor?

    This loser has so much free time to censor speech. When one appears to have no career, no girlfriend/wife/kids, live at home with mommy/daddy (so no rent/mortgage), and maybe a couple fake friends, that guy has nothing better to do than lodge his nose up a certain Barber’s butt crack and sniff sniff away!!!!

    1. Alex

      I found another great Job for you, California Cryobank is looking for young men just like you. You can make 1500 a month for five hours of work per month, that’s incredible I know and the good news is you may become a superstar in this feild because wait for it. [I believe you are] a virgin with plenty of sperm to donate.

      I now it may be hard to arise from your flaccid state but I am sure a with a Hand from Officer Toms and a few Village People songs you will be up and running down to West Hollywood in no time. Honestly Alex I think that you have practicing for this job for a long and hard time come out into the open and give this place the best two minutes of your life. Alex you are the goat tugger of all time.

  8. I think I met this Jennifer Laity woman at the PV Beach Club once. If it’s who I think, what a nasty woman! She had this look on her face like she owned the place or like someone had farted right into her upturned nose. Figures she supports a group accused of racism and anti-Jew behavior.

  9. Doesn’t Alex Parke seem perfect for the job of PVEPD union boss Steve Barber’s “play thing.” What I mean by “play thing” is that when Barber is just wasting time at the station, he can call up Parke and command, “Parke! Parke! Go to the Ranch Market and get me a turkey club w/ mayo on rye!!!” or “Parke! Parke! I’m feeling a bit lonely as my favorite dispatcher is off duty; come sit on my lap and call me ‘Daddy’!!!”

    1. Alex,

      You see the world to phonetically, the PVE cops are not going to fulfill your need to copulate. I know it’s difficult to be a virgin leaving with Mom, my heart goes out to you really but your never going to get a great piece of ass driving for Uber. You need to coach Tennis, take up pool cleaning then you will be copulating every day.

      Alex your life is passing you by. Go [REDACTED] a few PVE housewives. Your ginger hair and skin is irresistible, perhaps enjoin a few [REDACTED]. A [specific anatomical part] is a terrible thing to waste,

      Cops can’t get you laid bro.

      1. Alex,

        I feel Mohtashami is being very homophobic, if you leave with your Mom and don’t have a girlfriend your probably are more into guys like me. Suppressing your sexuality and hiding in your Mommy’s shoe closet is not going to work, I am willing to let you live in my loggia in West Hollywood pro bono. Coming out is the first step to your new Fab life, l love to help young fresh men find there way in life, I am gentle loving teacher.

        I can also get you a job at the Adonis Lounge as a bus boy if you loose some weight. Chico you will love it here Officer Toms and I dressing up as the Village people for Hollowen maybe you could go as young Harvey Weinstein you have his good looks.

  10. That Alex Parke [seems to be] converting all his testosterone to Dht and losing his hair. Somebody should help this guy, I bet he stills [REDACTED] feeds nightly on his mother’s [REDACTED].

    Alex get some rogaine and go [REDACTED] some hot [fine, salacious ladies] like Trisha.

    Once you have sex your life will change.

    1. Alex,

      I was at the Strip Club Deja Vu with Tony [REDACTED] and noticed that they are hiring a new bathroom attendant. You should apply, Being around strippers [is] great for [REDACTED] low testosterone levels. You might even begin to feel manly and want to finally move out of your Mom’s house.

      Besides that Tony [REDACTED] said he would tip you twenty large for holding his jock. Alex let me and Steve [REDACTED] and I will put a good word for you with the ladies.

  11. I wonder if anyone from Alex Parke’s 2002 graduating class at Peninsula High has some intel. for us:

    Adam Agajanian
    Aditi Srivastava
    Alisa Schleper
    Allen Huang
    Alvin Chu
    Amir Nawaz
    Amy Bethel
    Andrew Deacon
    Andrew Hey
    Andrew Spoon
    Angelica Lopez
    Anthony Dibernardo
    Ashish Kumar Mishra
    Ashley Gragg
    Benjamin (Ben) Miller
    Benjamin Freedland
    Beth Pack Acevedo
    Brandon Chin
    Brian Dreiling
    Brittany Fincham
    Caitlin Ulrich-Smith
    Carl Mahoney
    Carmen Cervantes
    Caroline Clark
    Cassandra Fugal
    Chad Willd
    Christina Jackson
    Christine Ahn
    Christine Kao
    Christopher “Chris” Chow
    Christy Schallau
    Colby Comstock
    Courtney Duffy
    Courtney Dvorin
    Daniel Yoon
    Derek Hallberg
    Devyn Way
    Diane Chang
    Dipen Desai
    Dustin Sanza
    Edword Kim
    Elizabeth (Liz) Roberts
    Elizabeth Pack
    Erik Straub
    Erin Andersson
    Eugene Chang
    Farah Villanueva
    Frederick (Fred) Kim
    Fredrik Laseen
    Gillian Del Mar
    Gillian Gallego
    Gloria Osborne
    Grace Choi
    Gregory (Greg) Cahill
    Haeyeon Cho
    Heather Beckman
    Heather Oh
    Heedae Cheon
    Helen Choi
    Irene Gasco
    Jaime Webb
    James Barth
    Jamie Wade
    Janal Schmitt
    Janice Kwong
    Jared Munde
    Jawana Travis
    Jay Han
    Jeffrey (Jeff) Hsu
    Jeffrey (Jeff) Lulejian
    Jeffrey Byun
    Jenna Zellner
    Jennie Gonzalez
    Jennifer Gerbutavicius
    Jennifer Yoo
    Jesse Allen
    Jessika Rice
    Jit Singh
    Joanna Prodromides
    John Smith
    Jonathan Ghormley
    Joni Park
    Josef Kanapi
    Joseph Manansala
    Joshua Conroy
    Joyce Lee
    Julie Kim
    Kaili Mckay
    Katie Demboski
    Kelly Engle
    Kevin Gardner
    Kevin Hayre
    Kevin Howard
    Kevin Sullivan
    Kira Klapper
    Kiran Lodhie
    Kristen Johnson
    Kristen Morgan
    Kristin Mccully
    Kristin Morgan
    Kyle Degener
    Lauren Mizell
    Lawrence Hong
    Lindsey Clark
    Mari Peterson
    Mark Cram
    Mark Ishihara
    Mark Rha
    Matthew (Matt) Weber
    Matthew Countryman
    Melvin (Mel) Jacobs
    Micah Carlson
    Michael Haneline
    Michael Law
    Mindy Gil
    Mohammad Khaligh
    Naoko Okamoto
    Nathaniel (Nate) Toering
    Nicholas Fox
    Nicole Silverstein
    Patricia Wynne
    Paul Matysek
    Perry Ladish
    Peter Lee
    Rachel Halliwell
    Rachel Hronec
    Rebecca Clark
    Richard Morris
    Ryan Stander
    Saabir Kapoor
    Sahir Malik
    Sarah Scoins
    Sara Kennedy
    Sarven Gobel
    Seraina Naef
    Shelly Lipanovich
    Shilpa Joshi
    Sol An
    Stephanie Cooper
    Stephanie Hazzard
    Stephen Choi
    Steven (Steve) Kim
    Steven (Steve) Kirkland
    Steven (Steve) Merli
    Tiffany Fink
    Toby Ortolano
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    Tyler Jensen
    Tyler Webster
    Veena Hampapur
    Vivian Chang
    Yeon Yoo
    Ying Chang
    Yu-Ying Cheng
    Zach Nuno
    Zack Strier

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