INTRODUCTION: Save PVE From Tony Dahlerbruch

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Judge Rules Ultra Vires/Illegal Dahlerbruch City Govt 2-Year Crusade vs. Residents  (click hyperlink)

PVE Employees Shockingly-High Compensation (click hyperlink)

RECENT NEWSAdventures at the DUI Checkpoint with Katie Dahlerbruch (click hyperlink or here)

Palos Verdes Estates municipal government has been hijacked politically by Tony Dahlerbruch, Christi Hogin and Sheri Repp Loadsman.  Our city, in which none of them actually resides, has become a science fair laboratory for them to implement anti-resident, proletarian social biases and extraordinary non-adherence to state and PVE laws/ordinances.  What makes this most appalling is that this damage is being inflicted upon the precisely wrong subjects:  people who moved to and live here in no small part for PVE’s longstanding (pre-Dahlerbruch) conservative community where laws were obeyed or otherwise enforced with consequence.  The fact that this conflict persists between Dahlerbruch and PVE taxpayers paying his $250,000+/year compensation indicates an enormous chasm in the condoning PVE City Council’s ability to comprehend or care.

PVE Employees Shockingly-High Compensation (click hyperlink)

GENESIS OF THE  COALITION & SITE:  The Coalition to Save PVE from Tony Dahlerbruch website was launched in initial form on December 20, 2013.   There would be no Coalition and no attendant website if not for two PVE employees’ corruption:  Aaron Belda (2012) and Michael “Mike” Ross (2009).  When Tony Dahlerbruch, made aware with detailed evidence of both acts of misconduct, either defended or (in the case of Mike Ross) engaged in digging-the-hole-deeper corruption directly himself,  the Coalition was born.  Thus, anyone who finds him/herself on the PVE City Hall Wall of Shame or PVE Police Department Wall of Shame can thank  Aaron Belda , who was the tipping point, for the dishonor.  There would be neither Coalition nor website if not for  Aaron Belda .

Mike Ross - approving the violation of PVE's own municipal code

Mike Ross – approving the violation of PVE’s own municipal code seemed to come easily for him

Corruption & Negligence of Tony Dahlerbruch (click hyperlink)

Apathy of PVE Residents Perpetuates Corruption.  Palos Verdes Estates may be the ideal place for inept, inert and even corrupt public officials to get a job and then exert the bare minimum of effort and intelligent action required to keep it.  PVE’s median age (a staggering 15 years older than for LA County) and point in life cycle of PVE’s residents are very, very mature.  Many retirees and empty nesters reside peacefully here – the nice, friendly type of folks who are somewhat oblivious to, much less anxious to protest, corrupt mismanagement of their home town.  At the risk of deprecation, it is somewhat akin to a “pre-assisted living” community (click here, here and here) sprinkled here and there with some households headed by “youngsters” in their 40s and 50s.

Only 16% of PVE Voters Participate in Muni Elections (click here)

Jedi Mind Tricks on Geriatrics: Playing the role of PVE's very own Huckleberry Yoda, Dahlerbruch mystically has asked PVE residents to apply for the punishment of sitting through 3-4 hour lessons on local city government (click here). The agenda (click here) could only be considered as serving adult detention as cruel punishment for various civic misdeeds, but only in bored retiree mecca PVE would there by any chance idle codgers actually signing up for it.

Jedi Mind Tricks on Geriatrics: Playing the role of PVE’s very own Huckleberry Yoda, Dahlerbruch mystically has asked PVE residents to APPLY for the sheer torture of sitting through 3-4 hour lessons on local city government (click here). The agenda (click here) could only be considered as serving adult detention — cruel punishment for various civic misdeeds.  Yet, only in bored retiree mecca PVE would there by any chance of idle codgers actually signing up for it.  Remember, “only two absences are permitted” (it actually says that).

Judge Rules Illegal Dahlerbruch City Govt 2-Year Crusade vs. Residents  (click hyperlink)

The average home price simply has gotten away from younger, more proactive voters who would be far more likely to recognize and replace a negligent City Council and those poorly hired by it.   As long as the sun is bright, the wind is calm, and the crime rate naturally low (i.e., not due to any great police work but sheer luck of being situated so far away from the freeways), the voters of Palos Verdes Estates are unlikely to lift a hand to ask officials a question, much less a fist to fight bad actors.  It is in this breeding ground for ineptitude and corruption that PVE has been plagued by diseases going by the names Jim Goodhart, George Bird, Christi Hogin, Tony Dahlerbruch, John Rea, John Eberhard and Jeff Kepley.

CULTURE OF ANTI-RESIDENT POLICY.  To Tony Dahlerbruch’s credit/defense, the culture of anti-resident policy making and non-enforcement of the PVE Municipal Code predates his 2013 starting date as City Manager; to his discredit, he was handed the torch and turned it into a bonfire.  One of the best examples of the City Council putting residents’ peace and tranquility at the bottom of their priority list may be the case of the City’s preposterous peacock management program.  In 2005, PVE residents were forced to sue the City to enjoin its actual policy of populating various neighborhoods with shrieking peacocks (click here), which only arrived into the wild of PVE when the family of a PVE mayor who privately collected peacocks released the fowl into the community upon the mayor’s death in 1965.  Over a decade later, PVE’s City Council, City Manager and Deputy City Manager, and Police Chief continue this horrid tradition of favoring pretty much anyone (non-residents illegally using homes as event venues) or anything (feral cats, peacocks) over the actual residents filling the City’s coffers with property taxes.

INVESTIGATIONS CONTINUE.  The pre-2014 launch of this Coalition website allowed all interested parties the opportunity to provide information related to Tony Dahlerbruch, anonymously, to the Coalition.  That information, along with our growing dossier on Tony Dahlerbruch, continues to come into the Coalition shall be posted in due course.  To further this goal, we encourage you to forward this E-mail to anyone who may have information of use regarding Tony Dahlerbruch.

TonyD-Must-Go-Mobile Malaga Cove Closeup - Annotated


Local city government scandals involving corruption and negligence are a growing problem in Southern California.  In just our local area, the cities of Manhattan Beach, Carson, Redondo Beach, and Hawthorne all recently have suffered at the hands of city councils hiring the wrong city managers or mayors at a time when our cities need the strongest, most honest leaders we can find.

Click to:  Matrix Consulting Getting Rid of Allan Rigg?

With your help, Palos Verdes Estates can remove and replace Tony Dahlerbruch with a leader worthy of our trust.  Corruption and negligence by a city official cannot be ignored, especially by the Palos Verdes Estates City Council. To his discredit in only his three years in office, Tony Dahlerbruch already has deepened PVE’s litigation expenses and liabilities related to the ILLEGAL sale of parkland to a private homeowner. We are hearing of more prospective but avoidable litigation against the City being considered.  Instead of using those scarce public city funds, in part paid for by all tax paying PVE residents and property owners, in ways that improve the beauty and safety of Palos Verdes Estates, those dollars end up in the pockets of the outsourced City Attorney and related parties.  This is the same city attorney who, according to the publisher of the Malibu Times, for more than a year “was the subject at every council meeting to a barrage of furious assaults on her character, her ability and her integrity.”   With Tony Dahlerbruch being paid $200,000.00 per year plus another $50,000 worth of benefits, this is money that can’t go to waste.


CORRUPTIONdef. – An act done with an intent to give some advantage inconsistent with official duty and the rights of others

NEGLIGENCE:  def. – Conduct that falls below the standards of behavior established by law for the protection of others against unreasonable risk of harm. A person has acted negligently if he or she has departed from the conduct expected of a reasonably prudent person acting under similar circumstances

ULTRA VIRES:  def. – a Latin phrase meaning “beyond the powers”.  If an act requires legal authority and it is done with such authority, it is characterised in law as intra vires (“within the powers”). If it is done without such authority, it is ultra vires. Acts that are intra vires may equivalently be termed “valid” and those that are ultra vires “invalid”.

NOTE FROM SITE:   All those listed on this page are encouraged to contact the site immediately if he/she would like to provide a signed, notarized affidavit exclusively disputing accusations made against him/her.  Such affidavit then may be made available on this site, allowing the public to consider “his/her side” of the story.

This web page and related posts and commentary represent both facts and opinions of the Coalition to Save PVE from Tony Dahlerbruch, himself, Christi Hogin, Sheri Repp Loadsman and the PVE City Council as public figures, Mike Ross, Aaron Belda, and various other past and present PVE public officials as protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  Posted comments made by third parties represent their own representations of facts and own opinions.


8 thoughts on “INTRODUCTION: Save PVE From Tony Dahlerbruch

  1. The Coalition wishes to substantiate the claim made below so that the redacted portion may become un-redacted. The Commenter is encouraged to Email the Coalition with more information before the claim can be authenticated.

    Mike Ross has delayed my home from being built and has him and other people there getting [REDACTED] to get infront of the line this guy needs to be shut down and out of Redondo

  2. From someone who had to deal with Mr. Dahlerbruch in Rolling Hills before we were spared from him by the PVE hiring, I can only say GOOD RIDDANCE. Good luck PVE. This guy is full of attitude and short on aptitude.

  3. I have a friend who heard that Allan Rigg not only terminated employment in Palos Verdes Estates but also from Charles Abbott Associates as well. Some guy named Rusty told a friend. What I’ve also heard is the guy is entirely duplicitous and will lie through his teeth even to people who trust him. Sounds like something from the movie The Matrix and not the consultants!!

  4. That MATRIX thing was right on! The staff at PVE should be in-house vs. using this Charles Abbott firm that gave us guys like Alan Riggs and Mike Ross. From what I hear, Riggs or Rigg or whatever is his name got fired by Dahlerbruch partly because Rigg is a dishonest guy. I’ve heard stories of Rigg telling one side one thing and then turning around and telling the other the opposite. Mike Ross, now that guy’s a piece of … uh … work. He’s supposed to know the building code laws and he doesn’t even after working for PVE for a long time as an Abbott employee. Time to clean house – Ross should follow Riggs out the back door!

  5. Does the Coalition to Save PVE from Tony D know the story going around of how Dahlerbruch got his sweetheart $200K + perks job?

    Long version is this:

    There was this MATRIX consulting study conducted by PVE City Council, and apparently it recommends outsourcing of city officers at PVE be diminished. This would be a nightmare for PVE City Attorney Hogin. According to the city’s files, as of mid-September 2013, Jenkins & Hogin LLP law firm was paid $180,040 by PVE in the last 12 months! Don’t forget Hogin’s PVE city attorney job is a PART TIME gig – by her site’s own admission Christi Hogin “currently serves as City Attorney for the cities of Lomita, Malibu AND Palos Verdes Estates. She also serves as Assistant City Attorney in West Hollywood and provides legal services to other firm clients.” Yeah, that’s right, her firm was paid nearly $200,000 in that year for part time work.

    So “who is the ‘Jenkins’ in Jenkins & Hogin, LLP?” you ask. That’s Mike Jenkins, Dahlerbruch’s former colleague and buddy still in the outsourced city attorney role just over the bend at Rolling Hills, where Dahlerbruch used to be city manager . Jenkins “currently serves as City Attorney for the cities of Hermosa Beach, Rolling Hills and West Hollywood, as General Counsel to the Los Angeles County West Vector Control District and the San Gabriel Valley Mosquito and Vector Control District, as General Counsel to the South Bay Cities Council of Governments, and as special counsel for numerous municipalities around the State, including Torrance, Oceanside, Fresno and Palo Alto. ”

    Now, imagine if PVE City Council as a prudent body of humans (yeah, I know, a big stretch) advised by a city manager (like former post holders Judy Smith or Dan Dreiling) who supports applying MATRIX conclusions, decides to hire an in house council — someone working full time perhaps for maybe even the same amount as paid to Jenkins & Hogin. Imagine then that after this City Council cuts Hogin loose (like she was in Malibu), the trend gets some local traction, and cities around the area figure out they can spend a similar amount on legal advice in house with all the benefits of someone working at least 9-5 just on their own city. I know, everyone, it’s so obvious I’m embarrassed to have to admit I live in a city that hasn’t figured this out yet.

    The story (and again, it’s the story and not like I heard it myself) goes that Hogin sees the MATRIX writing on the wall — as does her hubby and partner Jenkins. So, Jenkins working closely with Dahlerbruch at Rolling Hills, says, “Hey Tony, how would you like more money and a higher class gig over in PVE? My wife’s City Attorney there, as you know, since we’ve all socialized together. I guess once we get you this promotion you won’t really think that MATRIX nonsense makes any sense for wifey, right?”

    Get the picture everyone ? Dahlerbruch owes Hogin and Jenkins for the job, and as such he almost can’t be the guy who knocks over the first domino on in-sourcing city attorneys given the biggest dominos that would fall are Hogin and Jenkins. These two – Hogin and Dahlerbruch – are gonna have each others’ backs until the City Council figures it out.

    1. Thanks for the story. I did know that Hogin was married to Jenkins, and Jenkins worked closely with Dahlerbruch in Rolling Hills. It makes sense that Jenkins and Hogin got Dahlerbruch his job in PVE, and that motive also rings true.

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