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Kenny Kao Endorsed by Coalition for City Council

Kao, Davidson, Lozzi Oust Disgraced
Jim Goodhart, John Rea from City Hall
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Kenny Kao Has Earned a Council Seat
at the March 7th PVE Election

Kao Kenny Lawn Sign Cropped 02-2017The Coalition ENDORSES Kenny  Kao
for Council at the March 7th Election

OVERVIEW OF ENDORSEMENT:  The Coalition to Save PVE, after interaction with all three candidates for PVE City Council for the March 7, 2017 election, has determined to endorse Kenneth Kao.  The choice came down to Kenny Kao or Sandy Davidson, as Jim Goodhart’s egregiously foolish behavior as a councilman knocked him out of the running at the outset.  The decision for Kao was an easy one given that the foundation of a good councilperson is one who consistently honors his/her fiduciary duties of due care and loyalty to PVE residents.  To put this in more colloquial terms, Palos Verdes Estates residents want representatives who in making decisions a) gather material, relevant and consequential information (the facts) and then b) exercise sound judgment utilizing that information (i.e., know what to do with those facts).  Kenny Kao has exhibited behavior that leads us to believe he will engage in precisely that approach.  When a question is unclear to him, Kao asks for clarification or it to be repeated.  When asked a question on a subject in which he has little experience, he modestly admits that and commits to studying the facts, rather than winging it or spouting inanities.  Click here for video evidence of these qualities.  This is the behavior of a prudent decision maker, making Kenneth Kao perhaps the most qualified, gifted candidate for PVE City Council in decades.  Therefore, he is getting our votes at the Palos Verdes Estates election on March 7th.

DUTY OF DUE CARE:  The duty of care requires a councilperson or appointed officer to make decisions after taking all available information into account, and then act in a judicious manner that promotes PVE’s best interests.   The three components scrutinized in determining if a councilperson exercised due care are did he a) fulfill his duty of care by acting in a reasonably prudent manner when making the decision, 2) conduct an adequate degree of due diligence, and 3) act in good faith.  It is this duty that most often has been violated by Tony Dahlerbruch, Sheri Repp Loadsman, Christi Hogin, Ken Rukavina, Rob Olson, and the incumbent PVE City Council.  As seen starkly in the Via Panorama parkland (click here) and Big Orange illegal cycling signage and enforcement disputes, these fiduciaries imprudently made bad decisions after conducting inadequate due diligence.  Moreover, the ample evidence uncovered by John Harbison (in discovery; click here) of attempts to cover their duty-violating tracks indicates that bad faith also played a role in the horrific outcomes of their actions.  In the case of PVE Chief of Police Jeff Kepley, his globally and embarrassingly notorious bungling of the Lunada Bay Boys conflict (click here) is one of myriad examples of Kepley’s incompetence that dishonored his duty of due care to PVE.  Breaches of due care by these fiduciaries is displayed in great detail on the PVE City Hall Wall of Shame (click here).

DUTY OF LOYALTY:  The duty of loyalty requires a councilperson or appointed officer to act at all times in the best interests of PVE.  The duty of loyalty requires a councilperson or appointed officer to be completely loyal to PVE at all times. It also imposes the responsibility to avoid possible conflicts of interest, thereby precluding a councilperson from self-dealing or taking advantage of a municipal opportunity for personal gain. Violation of the duty of loyalty may expose the councilperson to a court order to pay restitution and stiff fines. It is this duty that most often has been violated by the PVE Police Department headed by Jeff Kepley and John Eberhard.  Breaches of loyalty to PVE by these two police chiefs are displayed in great detail on the PVE Police Department Wall of Shame (click here).

PRO’S OF KENNY KAO FOR PVE CITY COUNCIL.  Kenny Kao is an energetic family (3 school-age kids) and businessman who will do his homework before making a thoughtful, well reasoned, prudent decision that he believes is in the best interest of Palos Verdes Estates.  Our endorsement of Kenny Kao comes down to that basic observation which, as you have read above, satisfies the honoring of his duties of due care and loyalty to PVE.  The Coalition bases its opinion on the following evidence:

1) Integrity:  We at the Coalition have no shortage of experience dealing with unscrupulous PVE government officials (and thus the existence of this website).  Though this is just our judgment call, our read on Kenny Kao is that he is as honest a politician as one could desire, especially at the local level. Time will tell if we got this part right.
2) Experience:  PVE Traffic Safety Committee (4 years) and  PVE Planning Committee (2 years); Sanford Davidson falls terribly short here, as seen when he was exposed as having no understanding of the federal law mandating cell phone towers in PVE (click here).
3) Intelligence:  Boalt law school and articulate speaker; Sandy Davidson falls short here as seen by his political website’s vague and at times factually incorrect content, combined his odd behavior during the February candidates forum (click here and here).
4) Independence:  Kao fought PVE deputy city manager Sheri Repp Loadsman on her disloyal plan to permit Airbnb/Short term rentals.  He also has stated publicly he is against selling parkland.  Sanford Davidson scores even higher points in this category as a clear outsider and outspoken opponent of the incumbents.
5) Loyalty:  Kao grew up in PVE, and his loyalty to his home base shines clear.  Kao’s determination not to allow PVE to be the only South Bay/Peninsula city permitting short term residential rentals (Airbnb) is Exhibit A in the case for his loyalty to PVE residents.  If not for Kenny Kao, it is the Coalition’s view that Sheri Repp Loadsman would have tricked the PVE Planning Commission into accepting her proposal to permit this heinous residential trend.   (Google “Desire Meli Kocarslan” for example of relevance to PVE).  Click here and go to around 18:00 to watch Kao hold Repp Loadsman accountable for her deceit.  Furthermore, Kenny Kao has reported that he missed not one single PVEPC meeting during his entire tenure thereon.

Repp Loadsman Kao S-T Rental 03-15-2016 - Annotated

6) Inquisitiveness:   Young and energetic Kenny Kao is hardly indolent, exhibiting the will and skill to hunt down facts to develop a list of pro’s and con’s of any course of action.  The Coalition expects Kao to apply this method to researching a solution to rampant illegal cycling by the Big Orange Biker Gang (hint:  a new PVE police chief).  By contrast, Sandy Davidson appears more a stubborn, mature man disinterested in learning information vs. Kao being an intellectually curious man seeking out the truth.
7) Legacy PVE Club Membership:  Kao has made crystal clear he would not support wholesale changes to the PVBAC concession that would escalate membership into already-congested non-pool deck areas.  His view is that while 10+ years is a long time, such a waiting period has been residents’ expectation vs. the alternative of daily pass usage.  Kao, examining his own position in line, believes that he has waited for 3-4 years and there is no fair rationale to jump the line near those having waited nearly a decade.

CON’S OF KENNY KAO FOR PVE CITY COUNCIL.  Kenny Kao is an insider with predictably owed allegiance, based on their endorsement of him for the seat, to the very incumbents on PVE City Council who themselves have breached their duties of due care and loyalty to PVE.  This is the one clear downside of his candidacy vs. that of Sandy Davidson.  Unfortunately, only time will tell if Kenny Kao is willing and able to confront and counter the very people who helped get him elected into the seat on the dais right next to him.  Should he join the long list of PVE elected and appointed officials who regularly breach fiduciary duties to residents, rest assured that the Coalition will go after him with a level of dedication unseen before.

SANDY DAVIDSON CANDIDACY:  With two council seats up for grabs, despite our grave reservations of Davidson’s mental fortitude we strongly pray that he, and not Jim Goodhart, joins Kao on the City Counsel dais in March. The indisputably valid selling point of Davidson’s candidacy is his supreme independence from incumbent PVE government (though we worry over his rumored dependence on John Harbison and his mini-cult of followers).  Unquestionably, this is not a man who will follow his predecessors’ lead of approving anything emitting even the slightest odor of corruption or waste (except perhaps the PVEPD budget; see below).  Of concern, though, is that slow speaking Davidson has come across to members of the Coalition as neither intelligent, informed, nor seemingly very interested in becoming so by doing basic due diligence.  It thus has become the Coalition’s strong view that Sandy Davidson is a septuagenarian at the end of his accomplished medical career who, in looking for some purpose in life post-retirement, was encouraged by a growing number of discontent PVE residents to throw his confrontational hat into the local political ring.  Furthermore, based on his odd public behavior, some question his mental or emotional normalcy (click here).

Davidson Sandy Pledge Eyes Squinted 02-02-2017 - Annotated

Davidson’s bare bones political website (click here) exudes a mastery of truly no topic but instead spouts generalities.  One such statement sans specificity is his purported goal to “create reasonable and balanced budgets.” However, Sandy Davidson either is ignorant or doesn’t comprehend the crucial relevance to the PVE budget  of the notoriously ineffective PVEPD (click here).  Jeff Kepley’s department employs a horde of 3-day workweek, $110,000 – $210,000/year+ compensated officers (click here) whose low risk and elementary job is to drive in scenic loops around a tiny city with almost zero hard crime.  Troubling is the PVEPD’s dedication to NOT enforcing a large swath  of softer crime (PVEMC and CVC violations).  As a result of these huge sums being paid, the greater than $6.6 million PVEPD budget consumed a staggering 57% of the PVE total budget and over 99% of PVE’s property tax revenue (click here).

Also glaringly ignorant is Sandy Davidson’s platform advocacy to “enforce P.V.E. biking ordinances,” (click here), despite the fact that not a single such ordinance even exists to enforce in the first place (click here and search “bicycle”).  This damages his credibility when countering the rampant illegal cycling in PVE, allowing the biker gang to target Davidson’s ignorant statement as evidence that a PVE city councilperson demanding bicycle law enforcement has neither clue nor credibility.  Worse is the fact that he has been alerted by multiple parties to this error, but despite weeks passing has not made the simple change of  three letters to his unrefined website (“P.V.E.” to “CVC”.)

Sanford Davidson Family Involvement with Eagle Forum of California (click here and search page, using CTRL-F, for Joan Davidson)

Jim Goodhart: Making sure that 99% of your property taxes gets squandered on Jeff Kepley's overstaffed and overpaid mod squad

Jim Goodhart:  This is not a person you want making decisions on behalf of PVE residents

JIM GOODHART CANDIDACY:  supremely experienced with a decade of tenure on the PVE City Council, but lacking in integrity, intelligence and independence.  It is beyond obvious that it is time for Jim Goodhart to hang up his public servant shoes and be sent out to pasture.  As strongly as the Coalition endorses Kenny Kao, it renounces Jim Goodhart with even higher conviction.  Thus, any PVE resident leaning toward voting for Goodhart may want to give serious consideration to either of the alternatives.

Jim Goodhart Partial List of Breaches of Due Care/Loyalty to PVE:

  1. Sale of PVE parkland to a private citizen (supported appeal also)
    PVECC Parkland Sale Vote 05-08-2012 - HighlightedGoodhart and Rea voted to sell parkland privately 05/08/2012;
    To view Christi Hogin announce Goodhart vote to appeal, click here
  2. Personal home property encroaching massively onto public land
  3. Bias in favor of illegal cycling in PVE (he is an avid cyclist himself)
  4. Bloated the PVEPD budget under incompetent Chief Jeff Kepley
  5. Non-response to evidence of Dahlerbruch corruption/waste
Skirting the Truth: Even Jim Godhart's wife, in a pathetic and fallacious attempt to salvage her social status, refused in admit the entire truth of her husband's incompetence in PV News letter to editor

Skirting the Truth Even After Humiliating Defeat: Even Jim Godhart’s wife, in a pathetic and fallacious attempt to salvage her social status, refused in admit the entire truth of her husband’s incompetence in PV News letter to editor

Click here for more on Goodhart’s shameful behavior as a councilperson.

Goodhart Jim Idiot Face PVE July 4th 07-04-2015

NOTE FROM SITE TO CANDIDATES:   All those listed on this page are encouraged to contact the site immediately if he/she would like to provide a signed, notarized affidavit exclusively disputing accusations made against him/her.  Such affidavit then may be made available on this site, allowing the public to consider “his/her side” of the story.

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